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    Thank you, Everyone

    Keep your head up and keep shredding xoxo
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    Fell off

    Hi guys! I fell off for a bit of time due to work and college, I couldn’t seem to give it my all but now that I’m done for the summer I’m ready to get back into it! I want to upload a video at least by Sunday! I’m really excited to be back, I feel like I missed so much 🙁
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    Godsmack singer as Frontman of A7x?

    Calvin , I agree with you on the Revs voice. Gives me chills every single time , my favorite!!
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    Jak this is incredible!!!! So much credit to you , not just for the video but everything you do!!
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    Papa gates

    Happy birthday and thank you for all that you do!
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    A stupid question not related to music or quitar

    Just say it was a glitch lol
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    Happy holidays yall

    Lol merry Christmas!!!
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    Happy holidays yall

    Thanks everyone!
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    Happy holidays yall

    Whatever you celebrate , if you celebrate at all, have a good day/holiday 🖤
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    question for syn

    @ide the one interview where they asked what their favorite songs to play were and he said I’ll tell ya the one I don’t like to play , beast and the harlot lol
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    My friends band inspired by Meshuggah and Tool

    3 man band! Very enjoyable to watch! ( not sure if the link went through but if it didn’t here it is )
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    Thanks guys! And I’ve told him about joining! Well just wait and see if he actually does
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    Is it acceptable to upload a video of my friends band? He’s highly influenced by meshuggah and he is looking for some pointers.
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    A7X TOUR!

    Going * lol my bad I’m drinking