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    Favourite song and album from a7x?

    Favorite song has to be "Coming Home", it has my absolute favorite solo, and the song just lifts my spirits every time I hear it. That being said, my favorite album is Nightmare, due to the classics that are "Save Me", "Buried Alive", and "Victim", which are some of my favorite songs as well.
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    Syngates Stream Coming Up Soon!

    I decided to upgrade after reading this message, hopefully I made the cut!
  4. Jackson Harsin

    Another Exciting Community Update!!

    I'm in the same boat, there are plenty of things I've done that aren't being counted it seems like.
  5. Ascend by TheDooo (Practice Take First solo)

    Ascend by TheDooo (Practice Take First solo)

    This is my first full speed run of this song, recorded on my phone, too lazy to use my interface. I'm hoping to have the full cover done by the end of the month time permitting. Lmk your thoughts in the meantime! (HEADPHONE WARNING) Loud mix incoming
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    What are you currently listening to?

    John Petrucci just released his first guitar album in several years and it's pretty kick ass.
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    Comment by 'Jackson Harsin' in media 'Sylosis - Teras intro 90% speed'

    That's awesome man, thanks for the tips!
  8. Sylosis - Teras intro 90% speed

    Sylosis - Teras intro 90% speed

    I decided I wanted to work on my Rhythm playing... What a mistake that was. This is the intro of "Teras" by Sylosis at 90% speed. Gotta work on me picking tension when going this fast playing rhythm but all in all I think i'm doing ok. EDIT: Also... my rhythm stamina sucks.
  9. Jackson Harsin

    Comment by 'Jackson Harsin' in media 'SGS Collab - Lead 3'

    My man! What a sick solo for such a sick guitar! You're doing it proud! You're note choice was awesome and you're alternate picking looks fluid and comfortable, great job Kfir.
  10. Jackson Harsin

    Comment by 'Jackson Harsin' in media 'Syn Solo Final'

    So that was actually the end of the note in the recording, but if you see the video I slide it down the fret board like I would normally do. It seriously took like 3 takes a ton of vibrato, and me turning the noise gate way low for me to be able to hold that note as long as I did. :ROFLMAO: I'm...
  11. Syn Solo Final

    Syn Solo Final

    Here is the final iteration of my solo, the only change is I held my final note as long as I possibly could so that it can be cut wherever it needs to be. WIll be sending isolated guitar as well as video to Aileé here in a bit. I'm glad this is finally over, but extremely excited to see the...
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    Guitar Choice

    Have you played these guitars in person yet to get a feel of them? Have you ever used a floyd rose tremolo and are you comfortable with the idea of restringing one as well as doing regular maintenance and set ups with one? If yes to both of these than I think you should go for it!
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    Comment by 'Jackson Harsin' in media 'Syn Collab v3'

    William, I'm really glad you like it! I've been playing for about 9 years now, but in the time since the site released I have been able to pick up a ton of tips, tricks, theory, etc. that I wasn't able to learn as a self taught guitarist. I wish I had such an amazing resource like this in my...
  14. Syn Collab v3

    Syn Collab v3

    I took some advice from Ailee, Filip, and Ids to create the third iteration of my solo. After the pinch harmonic in the first section I decided to change from a whole step of the first note to a half step in my pentatonic ascent up the fretboard so that the notes would feel a little more...
  15. Syn Gates Student Collab Take #2

    Syn Gates Student Collab Take #2

    Revision of my initial solo for the Syn Gates student collab. Just made a move across my state and between that and the job I haven't really been able to do anything I enjoy, so BIG thanks to Filip for the deadline extension! As always let me know what you think! Ps: (IK I muted my first tap in...