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  1. Jeff Pogan

    Pickup height

    On the Syn guitars, Set the bridge pickup at 3mm and the neck (sustainiac) at 4mm and see how you like that. Also make sure to adjust the pots in the back of th guitar for the Sustainiac gain to your liking!
  2. Jeff Pogan

    I hold the pick two different ways?

    Definitely the way @jak advised is the way to go, if you hold the pick the way PG teaches you’ll be in good shape. I say this from experience: I’ve been playing for about 16 years and BECAUSE I didn’t practice proper picking technique in the beginning, I have had to relearn how to pick! I was...
  3. Jeff Pogan

    The Synyster Gates Shirts Are 😱😱!!

    Those shirts are dope!
  4. Jeff Pogan

    Audio Interface behringer um22

    Go with a focusrite 2i2 or solo! Great quality and affordable (around $100 usd)
  5. Jeff Pogan

    How do I start playing different styles?

    @dominik Find what you like and let it come naturally!
  6. Jeff Pogan

    How do I start playing different styles?

    Honestly dude just start listening to other styles! Immerse yourself in those genres you want to reach into and then their licks and melodies and stylings will become second nature as far as hearing and ideas. The next step is to analyze what those musicians are doing. What scale are the using...
  7. Jeff Pogan

    New Synyster Customs

    Dude def get the newer ones. The Schecter Syn pickups are better than the invaders. I’ve A/B them in the studio and found the Syn pickups way more articulate. My personal fave is the Satin burst. The Neck is super fast, somewhere between what the old ones were and, say, an ibanez wizard neck...
  8. Jeff Pogan

    Left hand speed

    Sounds ironic but seriously, play slow! Practice to a click PAINFULLY slow. Then bump it up 4 bpm at a time until you can’t play it clean anymore. Keep doing that with all kinds of different exercises (the Syn etudes are all great to practice, even suuuuper slowly). It’s like weightlifting, it...
  9. Jeff Pogan

    getting started with Music Theory

    Sounds like you’re having trouble with applying theory. Definitely watch all the lessons here. It covers everything you’ll need to know theory wise. If you don’t know what to do with the lessons in the first videos, then stick to it until you get to the advanced videos, then you’ll understand...
  10. Jeff Pogan

    Session Player

    Work as much as you can, be a likable and nice guy, be professional, and know your shit! Most importantly is being somebody that people WANT to be around. Don’t necessarily work for free, because you still have to be valuable. Playing wise, being fast and flexible is always a plus. Practice to a...
  11. Jeff Pogan

    Need help Rhythm guitar

    depends what style music, but having a super solid and strong picking hand is where it’s at