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    What are you currently listening to?

    I’m so confused by the new Disturbed album. Crazy. I don’t know what to think about it. The guitar sounds really nice in this one.
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    Solo Trouble

    I’m blown away. This is so awesome. I wasn’t around much lately and just watched all the videos here. It is quite nice that they are short. I don’t have to have much time to get your great input from these one minute videos. So thank you so much. You are so helpful 🙂 Something I realized is that...
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    Congratulations To Julian Barton On His New Song!

    Wow. Julian, you made a huge step! This is incredible. Awesome!!!
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    Christmas Eve Sarajevo!! ☃️🌲🎅

    Love it! Sixx A.M. used it too in the intro of the Heroine Diaries album. It has such an energy.
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    Deluxe version of the stage on spotify

    I can find them but they are grey. Maybe it would work if I had a premium account.
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    Deluxe version of the stage on spotify

    I have the same problem. Only the normal album is there for me.
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    Introduction – Hello!

    Welcome to the most wonderful place in the internet 🙂
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    Need Help With a Band Name :(

    Maybe it would help us if you can tell us the name you wanted. So we know what direction the name should go. I don’t think that I am good at thinking of names. I think if I would have a band I would call it “Dream until Death”. But I haven’t wasted much thoughts about it. I just like it. I think...
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    note from m shadows

    I saw them at Rock im Park and I really loved his performance and I say this as someone who didn’t really like his voice in the beginning. I had to get used to it and there are still passages on the records that are just not my style but that’s fine. But live he really got me! Maybe his voice...
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    Played guitar live with Nickelback

    Awesome:) How they all start smiling because you are enjoying it so much and rock it! If it wasn’t for NB I wouldn’t be here. They where my first concert in 2010 actually in Munich,too 🙂 The first album I bought was All the right reasons 🙂 I didn’t really listen to music until I was about 13 or...
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    My Singer Joins The School!

    Welcome! You will enjoy being here.
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    Guess That Riff

    Ids was only faster. I love Alter Bridge,too. Alter Bridge was the first metal band I listened to and actually never called them metal. It was just music I love.
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    Great video I found

    Has anybody checked out Justin’s website with his lessons?
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    An Encouraging Video For Those Feeling Burnt Out Or Lost

    Thank you for making this video, you are awesome!