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    SETUP: Basics of Intonation

    You can have the mind set of Joe Bonamassa..
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    Slipping tuner

    Try doing this way. I've a 1995 MIM Strat that the tuner are cheap and by doing this way they stay in tune.
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    Guitar noise

    I would check grounds first. Especially the one in the tail stop. When you say noise is it the 60/50 cycle hum? Did you get the Epiphone new or used? Does the noise go away or change if rest your palm on the tail stop and the touch the strings with the same hand? Does it go away if the...
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    Upgrading Strat Squier Pickups

    Also remember that DCR changes with temperature and it's really doesn't indicate the output of a pickup. It's a rough measurement. Inductance will be a good way to figure out the output.
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    Cheap Practice Amp for home

    I would suggest a Boss Katana 50 combo. It's a decent modeling amp which you can use as a interface to the computer. You can get a lot of different sounds from it and can be played with headphones. If that's too expensive I would also look into an audio interface (via usb to computer)such...
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    Upgrading Strat Squier Pickups

    The lower Gauss the magnetic field will be weaker. They say you will get the "vintage" tone because of it. Unfortunately ceramic magnets are associated with metal, but you can get some good non "metals tones" from them. Your Squier has ceramics magnets they are cheaper to produce. If you...
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    Tips on how to get the best tone out of a strat!

    A lot of good advice here. My 2 cents, play it, tweak it, and find what best works for you. Adjust your amp settings to find what you're looking for. Make sure you get a setup. Any guitar can be used in any genre of music. There really isn't any "rules" if there were there might not have...
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    What are you currently listening to?

    I'm listening to an artist that should be in the R-n-R of fame, but will never be.. I like that their vocals are in Maori.. I don't understand it, but it sounds good.
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    Peavy 6505mh

    At one point a owned this amp. For the price it was a good amp and had a lot of features, but I just didn't like the sound out of it. I replaced the tubes, tried open and closed cabinet, different cabs, and even tried placing it in other location. This doesn't mean that you will not like the...
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    Hello all.

    Thanks all!
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    Hello all.

    My name is Jason and I've been playing since 1989. I started playing because I wanted to play that heavy sound and solos from my favorite bands. Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax where my early influences before I took my blinders off and that opened a new world to me...