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  1. Johnny Pittman

    I’m back :)

    I’m back :)
  2. Johnny Pittman

    Red with Black Pinstripe???

    Hey everyone, it’s been a “short” time since I was last on here. I wanted to see if any of you possibly know of this red and black pinstripe? there seems to be little information on it and figured I’d ask about it here. It seems like a really unique guitar design, I only know of appearances of...
  3. Johnny Pittman

    New Synyster custom bass?

  4. Johnny Pittman

    How do I stop loosing my guitar picks

    I have my picks in a place where I can remember where I can find them. I usually put them in between my strings, or put the on top of my dresser or put em in a little bag. But I really recommend getting a tin. I bought a James Hetfield puck tin with 6 picks off of Amazon. I usually take 3 of the...
  5. Johnny Pittman

    Comment by 'Johnny Pittman' in media 'Nightmare solo'

    I Love your videos, Kfir! Great job!
  6. Johnny Pittman

    Black Moon Guitar Tuning

    I’m sorry to hear about the personal issues. I can’t wait to see you back in action! Good luck!
  7. Johnny Pittman

    Black Moon Guitar Tuning

    Thanks, Kfir! (Love your yt channel btw)
  8. Johnny Pittman

    Black Moon Guitar Tuning

    Ok, now I understand. Thank you! 🤘🤘🤘
  9. Johnny Pittman

    Black Moon Guitar Tuning

    Ok, thanks man. So you are saying that the tuners really don’t serve a purpose? They just stay in tuning all the time?
  10. Johnny Pittman

    Black Moon Guitar Tuning

    Hi there Dominik! Yeah, the Hi there Dominik! Yeah, I keep rotating the tuning keys and it’s not affecting the sound of the guitar. It’s not working on the any of the strings. I’m not sure if it is the string type or somethings probably wrong. I’m just worried because there is only 50 of these...
  11. Johnny Pittman

    Black Moon Guitar Tuning

    I haven’t been able to play guitar as much anymore, but I always try my best to make time to and keep them healthy - I have hade trouble tuning my black moon guitar for a few months and thought it was just a little problem. Now I’m getting kind of confused. If any one of you have the same...