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  1. Josh Ellis

    Suggestion Tabs, Scales, Chords

    I just had a groundbreaking idea for this community! There should be an extension on the website for a tab creator. Free to everybody, if possible. If it costs a toe and a finger, maybe could pay a small, one-time fee to have access to the feature (as well as the next two below). A tab creator...
  2. Josh Ellis

    Comment by 'Josh Ellis' in media 'syn-may-2021-stream.mp4'

    The May 2021 video doesn't let me play it. It only shows 0:00 when I click on play.
  3. Josh Ellis

    Backing Tracks Tab

    I don't know if this has ever been mentioned anywhere but I think it would be helpful to all if there was a tab link by "Leaderboards" and "Store" that contained all backing tracks on the entire site. Within the new linked page could be categorized in dropdowns below genres or could just have...
  4. Blues Improv (Texas Shuffle - Key of A)

    Blues Improv (Texas Shuffle - Key of A)

  5. Josh Ellis

    Melody & Motif - Lesson 2

    @Brian Haner Sr. What was that bit of scale you used towards the end of the "happy shredding"? Something Melodic Minor?
  6. D Major (7th arpeggios)

    D Major (7th arpeggios)

    Spit this out recently and had to share it. Sounds very pretty regardless of messing up XD.
  7. Random Stuff

    Random Stuff

    Random stuff...
  8. I'm not sorry XD

    I'm not sorry XD

  9. Josh Ellis

    🚨 Contest Announcement!!! 🚨

    Could you at least tease how many submissions per person?🤭
  10. Josh Ellis

    Introduction to the 12 Bar Blues – Lesson 68

    Another big part about the blues is taking a I-IV-V (G-C-D) and playing the (G) Minor Pentatonic over those major chords!
  11. My take at Syn's first Eco Etude

    My take at Syn's first Eco Etude

  12. Josh Ellis

    Economy Picking – The 3-1-3 Pattern – Lesson 78

    My take at Syn's first Eco Etude
  13. Josh Ellis


    Never really explored the community within this website. Shame on me, what a huge amount of great people. Hi everyone!💜
  14. Josh Ellis

    Guitar names?

    My first Syn Gates Custom, black/silver: Synthia. Rightfully so🤷‍♂️