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    Starting from scratch

    I'm in the same boat, only been playing for a year myself and I feel like I've gotten to the same "few comfortable chords" and the major/minor scales. I pulled up an old shoulder injury in March and now playing the guitar is fucking painful so I've mostly stopped. Last week I picked up bass...
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    Happy birthday senpai

    Happy birthday Syn !!! Thank you so much for all the wisdom you've passed and all the help. You are a fucking inspiration and a legend.
  3. Kai C

    Comment by 'Kai C' in media '11 ANIME OPENING IN 2 MINUTI (Guitar Cover by Luca Saccomando)'

    Yuss! Thank you for this, that seriously made my day brother!
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    I been slacking on practice

    Sorry @Dominik Graeber, I'll get to Thorn Within one of these days I promise 🙏
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    I been slacking on practice

    Honestly what @Ed Seith said. You might just need a break from some or all aspects of learning. I've been focusing on my art rather than guitar. For one is, and I'm sad to say it, I've pull away from this school. I love this community and want to do what Syn says and have those "aha moments"...
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    RiffChallenge Reloaded

    On it brother!
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    Video Game Music

    @Calvin Phillips I'd like to work on doing a Pokemon cover because they're easier haha. But I absolutely understand the feeling. I last played about 3 years ago now in Legion. That expansion felt more like what the players deserved 2 expansions prior. But unlike the old days you can't devote...
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    RiffChallenge Reloaded

    I'll bite, can someone give me a suggestion please!
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    Video Game Music

    Grizzly Hills!
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    I'm in a hotel room in California until I can get travel back to Japan, so yeah there's time. I have a sketchbook, my laptop, and I bought a guitar at guitar center the day before Cali went on shutdown. The class I've been in has occupied most of my last month so I've made plenty of excuses as...
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    Video Game Music

    This is the perfect time to share this! Risk of Rain 2 just had a patch update yesterday with a new level and songs. The game has my favorite soundtrack. The artist is Chris Christodoulou and puts everything on YouTube. Frequently he includes an OD guitar over synth and I love the combo so much.
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    Which guitarists inspired you to start playing guitar?

    I mean I've been listening to rock and metal music since I was a kid and always wanted to play but never had the courage. If I could guess who were my favorites even back then it would probably be Matt Heafy or Syn and Zacky. But it was when I started listening to older music that David Gilmour...
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    Papa Gates - Grandma - New (Old) Video

    I love the Seize the Day reference at the end haha. Nice solo PG!
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    New painting I made!!

    @Kat the metalhead I can see that, I mean they've been famous for a while now haha. I've become loathe to do tattoos for other people. Or work for others in general. I had a few requests early on that made me honored, and seeing one of my drawings actually tattooed on somebody is cool.
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    New painting I made!!

    Do you ever wonder if @Syn Gates thinks it's weird that we're drawing him or has he just accepted long ago that it's happening? In interviews from the Waking the Fallen / City of Evil days Shads was like "holy shit people are getting our band tattoo'd on them" (paraphrasing a little). So maybe...