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    Please Send Love To A Hurting Fellow Student

    My condoleances, I wish you and youre family strenghth. ❤
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    What are you currently listening to?

    Didnt knew this band yet
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    What are you currently listening to?

    Listened to this album last week, was a while ago, I love it! The band that got me into metal :)
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    Song's for practicing technique

    Nice idea for a topic. For Whom the Bell tolls helped me with muting technique and sliding chords over the frets faster
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    Fatiha - absolute beginner, need advice on picking guitar

    Hi and welcome. I see you had a lot of advice. Heres mine: I think starting electric is easier (cause of what Alicia said), your fingers will hurt, practise not too much, but every day a bit, so your fingers get calluses. What I did, i bought a second handed guitar with amp for 75 euro, my...
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    Would any beginners like a solo tutorial ?

    Thats nice Alicia! Thats the only A7X solo I know, but nice to see you making a tut. Looking forward to it :)
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    Congratulations CJ and Alicia!! 😀 well done!
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    Comment by 'Kim La' in media 'Adding alternating picking and more vibrato'

    Nice improvement in a few days!! It sounds even better with vibrato
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    Tips on increasing picking speed?

    What also could help is resting your picking hand on the notes youre not playing. My teacher learned me this, and it helps me getting it a little bit faster. And what also helps is speeding up too fast and probably mess it up, but wehn you play slower afer that you can do it faster than you...
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    Finally tommorrow!! Excited :)
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    A little personal story - trying to vent

    Hi Daniel, thanks for sharing this story, its nice to see that you worked hard feeling better and have goals! Its a cliche, but the things that happen to you make you stronger, I know i sound old now, but thats my experience, the bad stuff in life makes you stronger in advance
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    Comment by 'Kim La' in media 'struggling barre high chords'

    It is the space that is smaller, but also that i cant roll my index finger at high frets. I will try going for even pressure :)
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    Comment by 'Kim La' in media 'struggling barre high chords'

    Yeah thats exactly what i have :)
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    Comment by 'Kim La' in media 'struggling barre high chords'

    At 3 minutes he playes a chord (not full barre) at 12th fret, my fingers really cant do this :p I will check other lessons/covers, the 7th fret is more my thing :)