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    Buzz from neck pickup

    Hey guys, I have a Schecter Syn Custom-S and when I switch to the neck pickup or the middle, I get some buzzing which is noticeable. It doesn't happen on the bridge pickup. Any way I can solve this at home? Or should I take it to a luthier? Thank you all!
  2. Laur Trandafir

    🚨 Contest Announcement!!! 🚨

    By the way, does anyone have a clue of the price...? l
  3. Laur Trandafir

    🚨 Contest Announcement!!! 🚨

    *cries in not a legendary member*
  4. Laur Trandafir

    How to get a7x amp tone? These are his exact settings, however, as people said, you need his gear too. And probably his fingers. But the gear is important. Eventually you could get a guitar processor FX and add some pre-amps over there
  5. Avenged Sevenfold - My Favourite Solos Guitar Cover

    Avenged Sevenfold - My Favourite Solos Guitar Cover

    What are your favorite A7X solos? Here are mine (got really sloppy towards the end)
  6. Laur Trandafir

    Schecter Syn Gates Custom clean tone

    Depends on the clean tone you want. Also, if you add too much gain on the clean, the bridge pickup is going to sound a little weird because it’s very high gain. But overall if you have the right setups, you can get very nice cleans, in my experience at least. Though I mostly use the neck pickup...
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    Synyster Christ Bass Guitar?

    A few weeks ago, Johnny made an insta-story about “Drinks with Johnny” and in the background there’s what appears to be a bass with the Syn Gates guitar looks (see screenshot) . Anyone know more about this? Or perhaps Syn/Johnny wanna showcase it for us a little?😏
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    I have "we come out at night" live at warped tour in way better quality than hopeless records.

    Lucky you! Every guitar cover of A7X I’ve ever posted immediately gets copyrighted smh
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    All my syn besides acoustic

    Daamn! Lucky! I only have the Black silver custom-S😋
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    Boss GT1 Patches/Packs

    I don’t know where to ask, so I’ll just ask here: is it possible to import other pre amps on the Boss GT1, eg. a Marshall or a specific amp, like you can import Syn’s cab packs on the Axe FX? I hope my question is clear, thanks for any answers!
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    Bat Country Solo

    The small sweeps that they play at the beginning of the duet(while the hi is playing) are a little weird, at least how I learned. The higher part, which is a d minor arpeggio and another arpeggio is sweeped. The lower guitar is first sweeped, then picked. At least that’s how I learned it. Hope...
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    there is one on ultimate guitar, however it’s very flawed. You can get some stuff from there...

    there is one on ultimate guitar, however it’s very flawed. You can get some stuff from there, but for the 8 finger tapping check Hector Trejo’s video on youtube, and the second tappin lick I recommend just slowing a video of someone playing and learning like that. Rest you could gradually learn...
  13. Laur Trandafir

    Pentatonics IV

    Is it just me, or is the backing track audio faster compared to how syn plays it at 100%?
  14. Avenged Sevenfold - God Damn (Guitars Cover)

    Avenged Sevenfold - God Damn (Guitars Cover)

    Hey! I've posted on here before, but I just want to say I would greatly appreciate if you could check my channel out and leave a like! Thanks a lot!