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  1. The Stage Outro

    The Stage Outro

    Hello!! I decided to learn the outro of The Stage that Syn plays live, the chords used here remember me a lot to Villa-Lobos Etude N°1 (check it if you want to hear an awesome shred on classical guitar) on the last part i'm doing some tremolo wich is a common tecnique for classical guitar...
  2. Leo7F

    Our 1st Music Production Class!

    I will be there! from 2 am until 3:30 am :ROFLMAO:
  3. Leo7F


    Yes, you don't need very large nails but you should see 1,5 mm (approximately) of nail above the tip of your finger, and they need to have a curvature, i will attach a photo of my hand so you can see how i keep my nails. And a tip, you should not hit the string only with flesh or only with...
  4. Leo7F

    Thank you Syn for signing my guitar, writing me a letter, and sending me your picks!

    Syn is an incredible person! Congratulations!
  5. Leo7F

    🤑Looking For Students With Original Music🤑

    Would love to participate but i do not have equipment to record, i only have midi files
  6. Leo7F

    Tutorial on how to (not) participate to the contest

    0-3-5 you would be the winner of the contest, no doubts:ROFLMAO:
  7. Leo7F

    Comment by 'Leo7F' in media 'SGS Riff Contest Entry'

    Thank you so much!! 😁🤘
  8. Leo7F

    Note tracking

    I'am doing this excersice: find the C note on the 6 string, then D on the 5, then E on the 4 and so. when you arrive to the 6 string again you will have to find D so you will eventually find every note on every string
  9. Leo7F

    Comment by 'Leo7F' in media 'SGS Riff Contest Entry'

    Thank you so much!!
  10. SGS Riff Contest Entry

    SGS Riff Contest Entry

    Hello! I'm uploading again my participation for the riff contest, in this video i'm talking about the lessons I used, what i love from the SGS and my aspirations as musician. English is not my first language so I tried my best, hope you can understand me :) . Thank you for watching!
  11. Leo7F

    Fun Rhythm Songs?

    No problem :) Pinkly Smooth was the first band that Syn and The Rev formed
  12. Leo7F

    Fun Rhythm Songs?

    Pinkly Smooth - McFly
  13. Leo7F

    Comment by 'Leo7F' in media 'Riff Contest'

    Thank you so much :)
  14. Leo7F

    Comment by 'Leo7F' in media 'Riff Contest'

    Would love to have an electric guitar, but now i only have a classical, i started learning the classical fingerstyle method but now i am trying to shred it hehe :)
  15. Riff Contest

    Riff Contest

    This is my participation for the new Riff Contest, here I am using the The harmonic minor scale (Lesson 101) I really like the sound and emotions that this scale transmits. for the arpeggio part I am using the lesson 48 (introduction to building chords) to make a chord progression on that scale...