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    Wrist Pain When Playing Standing Up?

    @Jak Angelescu Where is the pain exactly? What type of notes/chords are you playing when you experience the pain? About 2 years ago I had sharp pains in my wrist when playing with my hand stretched out over the lower notes. So painful I couldn't play. It didn't go away with time off (over 2...
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    Pick Choice?

    I've tried a lot of picks and those big stubby's you use are gold for shredding, if that's what you are going for in your playing.
  3. Lucas Weiman

    Synyster Gates Guitar Rarity

    Well if it were me I would try and find one for around $700, but if it is in great condition then $800 is probably worth it. As for the sustainiac, it is all up to the player on whether or not they want to use it. On the plus side you can play any note (even pinch harmonics and whatnot) with...
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    Synyster Gates Guitar Rarity

    If it has a sustainiac in it that is a great deal, without it, it would be a slightly high price but thats still not too bad. The White with Gold Stripes model is the rarest I believe and I snagged one in an ebay auction for $650 US 2 years ago so theres a comparison... do you know how to save...
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    Online lessons from a teacher

    They generally feel normal, however when teachers are trying to explain physical things like angles of hands, mechanical motions, etc, things can take a couple extra seconds or minutes to explain because they might have to move their camera to get the right angle for you to understand. This is...
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    Comment by 'Lucas Weiman' in media 'Buried alive fingerpick attempt intro'

    To what Dominik and Ids already pointed out, here is a video with perfect tabs which include the bass notes.
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    Lesson practice

    Practice something to the point where you can do it on command, 95% of the time, at the speed you desire to perform at. That should be the goal for any guitarist, in my opinion. With that said, you shouldn't restrict yourself ONLY to practicing said chords, if you are interested in learning...
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    Picking issues

    Along with what the others said on here, something else to take into consideration is what type of pick you are using. Some just don't glide through the strings as well as others and you will definitely have a cap on how fast you can pick certain techniques.
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    My first song!! Also need your help!

    I feel like thats the most important thing, make sure you love it. And never stop adding in nuances to make things stand out.
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    Bat Country Solo

    Yep Jak is right. When I get home I can make a small tutorial for you if you want! The first arpeggio you can sweep but the second one not so much.
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    My first song!! Also need your help!

    Kinda slow intro for me, but I really liked your lick that starts around 3:35. Then the harmonies you eventually started adding made it really cool too.
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    What is your favorite song from The Stage album?

    I've never seen him post here, but the best way to contact him is through his instagram account. He's really nice. Also theres a video on my account of a skype session I did with him where I asked him a bunch of questions, if you are interested.
  13. Gunslinger Live @ Opeing Bell Coffee Shop

    Gunslinger Live @ Opeing Bell Coffee Shop

    Repost of material lost in the site update. Not bad for only getting 2 minutes to warm up lol
  14. Afterlife Live @ Opening Bell Coffee Shop Open mic

    Afterlife Live @ Opening Bell Coffee Shop Open mic

    Repost since this was removed with the site update. My first time performing in over a year, and my first attempt at this monster of a song! I was expecting to have at least 30 minutes to warm up for the 2 son...