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    Attention, please: Regarding Jak

    Take all the time you need, Jak! Hope things are well soon! \m/
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    Comment by 'Millie Imber' in media 'Glitter Gulch Mine - Banjo-Tooie Guitar Cover'

    TABS: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -13----------------------------------------------------13---------------------------------------12--13-----...
  3. Glitter Gulch Mine - Banjo-Tooie Guitar Cover

    Glitter Gulch Mine - Banjo-Tooie Guitar Cover

    Quick little cover of the main theme to Banjo-Tooie's Glitter Gulch Mine level. Not the full thing, just as much as I could capture in a minute. Using metronome at 135bpm. Will try and leave tabs in the comments!
  4. Burn It Down Intro - 115bpm

    Burn It Down Intro - 115bpm

    Another shot at the A7X Burn It Down intro after a bit of downtime. Still not perfect, but definitely an improvement from previous attempts. Using a metronome at 115bpm playing two notes per beat. Apologies for the bad quality, phone really isn't the greatest.
  5. Last Caress by Misfits - Power Chord cover

    Last Caress by Misfits - Power Chord cover

    Not a full cover as I can't record over a minute on my phone atm. Just a fun little vid of a song I've wanted to learn for a while now. Learnt completely by ear, in drop D using nothing but power chords, so let me know what you think or if there's anything I can improve on!
  6. A Little Piece of Heaven... at a higher octave - Cover

    A Little Piece of Heaven... at a higher octave - Cover

    Just a fun little vid. Learnt how to play part of ALPOH ages again, and then eventually decided to learn it at a higher octave just for fun shortly after that. Haven't played this in a while, so definitely needs more work, but again, just a bit of fun. 🙂
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    I’ve made a little clip of my first attempt on learning the intro to a new song. Hopefully it’s not too tragic lol. I’ll send it over asap! 🙂
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    A Couple Of Questions For Beginners…

    That’s a great idea! I think having something like that would not only be really helpful to fill in the missing gaps, but also really motivating and inspiring (Especially for anyone like me who enjoys playing but just doesn’t really have the drive for it at the moment, or is unsure on what to...
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    Always makes me laugh when people take shots at line 6

    My main amp right now is a Line 6 Spider IV 75, and for me it’s absolutely perfect. Admittedly I was a bit skeptical beforehand as I had been looking up stuff online (And to be fair, I don’t really know anything about amps), but once I actually got round to playing it, I knew that it was the amp...
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    Ask Papa Gates.

    1. You’ve worked on a few songs with Avenged over the years, what was your favourite part about that? Was there a particular favourite song you worked on? Was there a song you wish you could’ve worked on? 2. Any favourite stories from touring / studio work you’d like to share? Thank you for...
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    What do you play for warming up?

    I don’t really know if they’d count as exercises, but I have a few things I do to warm up – I start off with running over a few basic chord progressions (For example – C, Am, F, G, etc.) gradually working my way up to slightly harder chords and such, then I go over a few scales, mainly Am...