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    New Song by Gates!

    Love it! I agree, hopefully we get more stuff like it!
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    Papa gates

    Happy Belated Papa Gates!! 😀
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    A7X TOUR!

    @hayley I live in Dallas, TX and I was going to go to Rock On the Range but that weekend I will be going to Mexico! That’s why I picked Northern Invasion! D:
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    A7X TOUR!

    Yass! The Little Rock show as mesmerizing! Also going to see them twice in Texas with the End of the World Tour in Dallas and The Woodlands! Also going to Northern Invasion in May! Can’t waittt! 😀
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    Advice for beginners

    Thank you very much! 🙂
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    I feel broke

    Don’t feel that way, I am borrowing my sisters acoustic hehe. Saving up for my first electric! 🙂
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    Who’s going to see Syn live this month!?

    Feb 2nd Little Rock! Almost a 5 hour drive from Dallas! I saw them last year with Metallica but the setlist was cut short to add a local band. Can’t wait to see them headline! 😀
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    What do you guys like most about the school?

    I love the fact that we can take our time to learn. If we have questions we can go back to the videos, or we have a lot of knowledgeable people here too. I like the fact that people encourage one another, specially to those in the beginning stages. (me) Also Papa Gates has been on it since day...
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    A7X TOUR!

    R: Hayley, maybe local radio stations will give tickets away. I know what is like for sure, so I call x100 times to win, and I actually do! I hope you can go!
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    A7X TOUR!

    I’m driving from Dallas to Little Rock for the Feb 2nd show! I entered the meet and greet contest 😀
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    I don’t have a wish list with Guitar Center, but I did add a guitar bundle to my Amazon cart hehe. I’m comparing a few before buying or getting suggestions from people here.
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    Hello I'm new to this community

    Thank you Syn! And greetings to everyone! I’m exited to learn with you all!
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    Thank you Mr. Haner, I saw a post you did on a previous topic about recommendations. I looked up the Epipone Les Paul but there was another one. I wasn’t sure which one was the other one, thank you again! 😀
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    Hello everyone! I’m a beginner with an acoustic guitar. I don’t practice everyday but I try to at least every other day. Greetings to everyone from Dallas!
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    I am a beginner as well, with an acoustic guitar. Does anyone have a recommendation on an electric guitar, that isn’t too expensive? Thank you!