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  1. little improvisation (B flat)

    little improvisation (B flat)

    This is somethimg I do to get more familiar to scales or keys I don´t control well. I improvise with chords and some leads runs, I am not thinking on particuar chords, I just try to fit the chords in the scale pattern to know were it is. What I am thinking about while doing this is the scale...
  2. days of wine and roses by wes montgomery cover

    days of wine and roses by wes montgomery cover

    The next year Im going to try to be admitted by a music school and this is some of the reperoir that I need to know to the acces test.
  3. Shepherd of fire solo cover

    Shepherd of fire solo cover

    Its a little bit sloppy but I hope you enjoy it anyway. :)
  4. improv arpegios 3

    improv arpegios 3

    In this video im doing de same thing that i do on the last two videos but this time on the left side of the circle of fifhts. There are more mistakes but i will keep working on this excecise
  5. improv arpegios 2

    improv arpegios 2

    The second video that I make doing my arpeggios-improvisation etude. This is the firts time that I modulate trough all the keys on the right side of the circle of fifhts. These days I´ve been working on the left side keys of the circle of fifhts so the next video will be practicing those
  6. Pablo De Miguel

    Comment by 'Pablo De Miguel' in media 'improvisation/arpeggios excercise'

    I trying to fit an arpeggio wether it is sweeped or not, but its true that its sounds like a boring sweep excecise because i still dont know were the aroeggioes are that well. My objetive with this excecise is to get to know all the arpeggios to use them to improvise so i can pick the right...
  7. improvisation/arpeggios excercise

    improvisation/arpeggios excercise

    What Im trying to do here is to improvise playing arpeggios trying to play a different arpeggio on every beat and using the 7 positions. I start in the key of C major and I modulate to the key of G major and then to D major(following the circle of fifhts). The tempo is at 40 bpm and im working...
  8. Pablo De Miguel

    Comment by 'Pablo De Miguel' in media 'Improvisation in B minor and anouncement.'

    Right now im more focused on learning sight reading and improving my rithm and tempo feel because I have some theory knowledge from the synyster gates school but i didn´t know almost anything about those two things, but once I am getting started with the beato book I wil have your advice in...
  9. Improvisation in B minor and anouncement.

    Improvisation in B minor and anouncement.

    Like 3-4 months ago I said that I was going to be more active in the Synyster Gates School and for those who care this time I will try to keep that promise XD. A few weeks ago I saw a Rick Beato´s video that made me realise that my daily guitar routine was obsolete for me so I rearrangemented...
  10. Set me free by avenged sevenfold solo cover

    Set me free by avenged sevenfold solo cover

    This is my cover of the solo of set me free by avenged sevenfold. I hope you enjoy it :)
  11. Pablo De Miguel

    Power chords and harmony context

    Ok. Thank you!
  12. Pablo De Miguel

    Power chords and harmony context

    I remember reading on the syn´s tips section (I don´t remember in which lesson I saw that) that even the simpliest power chord can imply major or minor depending on the harmony contest. I think I understand it but to make shure I got it I am making this post. So lets supose we are in the key of...
  13. "Holy Hell" by architects

    "Holy Hell" by architects

    This is the first cover that I record with an audio interface. A good friend of mine helped me a lot telling me how to use it and he mixed my recording whith the song and I think that the result is pretty good
  14. Improvisation etude day 7

    Improvisation etude day 7

    It took me a while to make this video,but here it is. I finally know the arpeggios within every position of the major scale but I still have a lot to learn and practice about arpeggios
  15. improvisation etude day 6

    improvisation etude day 6

    One more day! At this point I feel that i'm starting to really know were are the arpeggios that I want to play and I think that my improvisation while thinking on what arpeggios play is getting more smoth. I think that the melodies that I play on this video are less shitier that the other videos...