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    Meet Your New Keymaster!

    It’s no secret I don’t even come here anymore (and I take full blame for that) but I had to log back in to give you your well earned congratulations! You were here before me, you were here after I left, and we can only hope you’ll be here for years to come. You, who started as a student like...
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    Your First Week Challenge Is Here!

    No problem, glad to help!
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    Finally back, and this time for good

    It’s good to come back my friend, now where do I start? 249 includes microstates and independent regions, etc. The youtube videos will be released january 25th (if all goes well) under the band name Reduce, once I have a link I’ll send it. Thanks a bunch I’ll get to work asap! Also what time are...
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    Finally back, and this time for good

    I’ve been really busy all christmas break, hanging with my band/recording (we managed to score spotify and youtube in 249 countries for our first album which isn’t even an “album”, it’s mostly jam sessions and home recordings compiled on a mixtape), I’ve been busy with with family and I had to...
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    Your First Week Challenge Is Here!

    I’ll shoot for the intermediate and if I finish and still have time I’ll do the beginner as well. I really like the idea Jak, if you need help thinking of the next challenges let me know!
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    I've Got a REALLY Exciting Idea!!

    Yeah hope you get better Jak!
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    ***Beginner's Mental Block: Get Out of Your Own Head!!!***

    Wow… I’ve gotten so caught up with school that I had to take a bit of a break (sorry to everyone counting on me to make the vids i promised, ill get back on it asap) and I’ve been keeping an eye on the school from afar, but I saw this and I just had to say something! First of all, to everyone...
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    Paradise Guitar Cover

    Nice job figuring that out! You got down some things that I didn’t (like the little intro and repetitive lick much further down on the fretboard and the one chord that starts on the fifth string instead of going down i think it was to the 8th fret). I’ve got the full song down so I was thinking...
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    I have a small question

    I’m still as interested, and I’m trying to pass the message on to my friends
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    Sounds good, man! I’ll check it out, thanks
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    It’s not even fully chipped off, it just cracked, but it was only a month (and a bit) away from completing it’s first year under my ownership and I always kept it super clean and ready to play cause I love guitar maintenance and gear I feel guilty that I’m more upset about chipping this guitar...
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    It’s a bat country commemorative, number 11 of 50 and hansigned by Syn himself, and yeah Filip you’re exactly right XD
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    Guys I accidentally bumped my guitar into the wall and some paint chipped, this is my all time favourite guitar and it is my baby, does anyone know somewhere/somehow I can fix it?
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    New "Milk The Lessons" Videos Added To My YouTube Channel!

    Finally got to these and let me tell you, if I was still starting out I’d praise you on my hands and knees for making these XD On a more serious note, you do seem to exhaust all options and brainstorm everything (as always). I found myself consciouly trying to counter-think your explanations...
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    Five Solos That Changed You As A Player

    Here are my five: My first time witnessing live shredding: my cousin sat me down in his room, put on a guns n roses song and did a bit of improv over it. He seemed like an absolute god at the time, especially cause afterwards he handed me the guitar and my little kiddy fingers couldn’t push down...