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Ryan Vega's latest activity

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    Ryan Vega commented on preuschhi's profile post.
    if i made a video with tips on that for here exclusively would you be interested
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    Ryan Vega reacted to preuschhi's status with Like Like.
    Hey guys. Do you know any fingerstretching excersises for absolute beginners (only 1 week lel). I know the spiderwalk. But right now I...
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    Ryan Vega posted a comment on the media item Trashed and Scattered Chorus.
    Hell yeah love that song 🤟
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    Ryan Vega reacted to a_Human's media Trashed and Scattered Chorus with Like Like.
    Had a band practice today and was able to play this briefly. It was a lot of fun
    Trashed and Scattered Chorus
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    Ryan Vega replied to the thread Legato I.
    When i've been going at it for a long time yeah, cause practicing lots of legato just starts to your left hand tired and tense since...
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    Ryan Vega reacted to mericksonmusic's post in the thread Legato I with Like Like.
    Anyone else having issues staying relaxed and loose while practicing this? any tips?