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    Collab! LIVE PREMIERE!

    Awesome work everyone, amazing. Nice work Aileé, Ids and Filip. And Ed has swag level 999 in this video 🤟
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    Collab! Post Production

    Amazing :D
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    Every A7X solo not by Syn

    For eternity I thought coming home solo was syn's XD
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    Collab! Quick progress update!

    Thanks for the update, I am sure its gonna be awesome.
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    Comment by 'Sayonil Mitra' in media 'Original piece !'

    This is awesome, I can already imagine Tom Cruise making a dashing entry scene with this as background, all in slow motion by the way XD
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    How Is Everyone Doing?

    Everything is standstill, so tons of binge watching youtube videos. found lots of tutorials on mixing and mastering so could not be better. And one thing I learnt, youtube suggests such diverse random videos during this pandemic holy shit. My subscription list almost doubled in last few months XD
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    Comment by 'Sayonil Mitra' in media 'I made this song'

    Thank you, ya I know what you meant, they are inspired from various licks I have heard
  9. I made this song

    I made this song

    let me know what you think of this
  10. collab take 2

    collab take 2

    I tried to remove the shakes as much as possible Aileé. See if this is better
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    Comment by 'Sayonil Mitra' in media 'Collab Final Take'

    Thanks Aileé. I know the shaky thing is an issue I could not remove. This was recorded by the only phone we have in my house. Its camera, I honestly don't know whats the issue with it, does this weird thing. When we had a tripod, we still had the issue. Do you think I need to re record? I will...
  12. Collab Final Take

    Collab Final Take

    The video and audio together. I tried to find most clutter free wall for background in my house and this is the best spot to record I could find. Aileé let me know if this is good or I need to record again.
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    Comment by 'Sayonil Mitra' in media 'Working on “The Unforgiven” by Metallica'

    One of my favourite songs, every version of that song. Playing while standing is such nice idea, but important as well. Nicely done
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    Collab! Current update IMPORTANT!

    You can see your placements here (if I am not missing anything)
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