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Recent content by Sebastian Cavallaro

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    Autographed syn custom

    I had a similar situation when I got my pickguard signed by Sebastian Bach (former Skid Row singer), I ended up deciding on removing it but obviously, you don’t have such an option. You could always use it as a “special guitar” for certain purposes but then again that defeats the purpose of...
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    Guitar Center Going Out of Business and The Music Industry

    The reason why pop and a lot of other genres listed above are popular is that is that is easy to understand for the non-musician and generally have melodies that stick inside people’s head. Rock and Metal and whatever other genres of music you would like to list aren’t really dead, the have...
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    Strange things

    Spiders are awesome though
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    Strange things

    I think it might have made some interesting tones if I was playing it and it was inside
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    Strange things

    I was grabbing my acoustic guitar out of my gig bag earlier today when I opened it a garden skink (lizard) came out of it. I was wondering if anyone else has had a weird experience like this.
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    A Different Collaboration: Testimonial Video!

    Brilliant idea, it would be great to get more people and hopefully gain some people who want to contribute.
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    Is The Riff Page Down?

    It’s filled with spam now
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    Does this happen to y’all too?

    It has happened to me too, very annoying considering how proud I felt writing it and then getting told it sounds exactly like some other song.
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    Goals and Progression

    A very interesting point brought up about the guitar being something you don’t stop learning, I remember just picking it up and never thinking how far it would take me. I think I am going to try that thing that Jen mentioned, about going over again but adding new techniques to it. Seems to be a...
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    Goals and Progression

    I like a lot of the goals you guys have. Very interesting and hopefully you will all be able to achieve them.
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    Goals and Progression

    Lately, I have been busy working on a number on a number of things, For example, I have to work been editing effects, music and other sounds for this one minute clip in attempt to start learning how to incorporate music into film, some jazz guitar (which has been both fun and challenging from a...
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    Digital Effects

    I can’t say that I would want to simulate a piano but it is definitely interesting how you can do it. Those are definitely two players that make some interesting noises.
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    Which countries are you from?

    I am from Australia
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    Digital Effects

    Yeah, it’s definitely interesting how can change your sound. I find it amazing how you can take the sound of a guitar and transform into something completely different with a few pedals. I was learning today about MIDI instruments and how they change to something completely different...
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    Digital Effects

    Hi there, I am currently studying music and just started to learn about digital effects, and I was curious about learning more about them, since they were something that I have not really tried in the past. I just wanted to know what people have tried/tested and if it has affected how they...
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