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    Comment by 'TreSavedge' in media 'Short Improv'

    Thanks a bunch
  2. Short Improv

    Short Improv

    Cleaning up a couple of licks I’ve had in my library this year.
  3. Tiger King, Carol Baskin Dis: Guitar Cover (Carol Thrashkin)

    Tiger King, Carol Baskin Dis: Guitar Cover (Carol Thrashkin)

    New single, "Carol Thrashkin" is droppin. No better time to sell out than before you even make it!
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    RIP Kenny Rogers

    The guy was a legend. Been revisiting his tracks. Goes without saying that dippin’ mid apocalypse is the most “know when to fold em” shit ever!
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    Been gone a while. You know what is why...

    Just watching a great series and getting my fraking practice on.
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    Been gone a while. You know what is why...

    Miss y'all. I know I've been gone a while. Just figured I post an update in my guitar channel with everything that is going on right now.
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    Heretic is the most Megadeth A7X song, fight me

    I wouldn't bet against you. So Marty and Syn are definitely the 2 guitarists I listen to the most and it's funny how Heretic ends up being my favorite song on that album. I remember it being so when I first heard the album and then upon attentively listening again multiple times in recent days...
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    I have to confess something...

    Proceeds to "look at this photograph"
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    Heretic is the most Megadeth A7X song, fight me

    The Riffs are Mustaine/Petrelli like on "Dread and the Fugitive Mind". And the solo has a bit of Marty/Broderick/Kiko in it while of course being the one and only Syn.
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    Comment by 'TreSavedge' in media 'Fergie: Fergalicious - Guitar Cover'

    There is absolutely no legit technique applied to the pre-chorus arm picking thing. I came upon the harmonic/natural wah effect by accident during practice and just used an "any means necessary" approach to get it out. I'm kind of picking with the pick and a little bit of catching it under the...
  11. Fergie: Fergalicious - Guitar Cover

    Fergie: Fergalicious - Guitar Cover

    "Put them boys on rock rock..."
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    Comment by 'TreSavedge' in media 'Megadeth: Captive Honour - Guitar Cover'

    Been meaning to get back to you since you took the time to give such a detailed constructive comment. I should definitely balance my ratios for sure. When I first started playing I was probably just 90/10 the other way sitting in my room and playing scales all day. The last few years is the...
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    The re-release and possibly more re-releases

    DITR is amazing. Had a crazy thought. A7X should do an April Fools gag where they tell their fans all albums will be re-released with woke pronoun editions. “Ze who makes a beast out of Zirself. Gets rid of the pain of being a non-gender specific carbon based life-form.”
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    Vibrato questions

    I've got about 20 years of finger vibrato habits I'd like to balance with wrist vibrato as some have suggested on here. I pretty much self taught vibrato before I completely understood the concept. Looking back on it, I realize now most of my vibrato habits (essentially exaggerated finger...
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    Whats your favourite guitar solos of all time?

    Megadeth - Tornado Of Souls Could talk all day about this Marty Friedman solo. Beautiful piece of music within a beautiful piece of music. 6 times through the chords in B Minor. i-VI-iv-V-VII(#VII) progression. He starts with his usual teasing stuff, goes into arpeggios, blues licks, sweeps...