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  1. Xzavier471

    Some Thoughts I'd Like To Share

    Completely agree, we can all come together in our shared love and passion for A7x and playing /learning guitar🎸🤘
  2. Xzavier471

    Comment by 'Xzavier471' in media 'Scream Solo Problem'

    Thanks for the advice guys!
  3. Scream Solo Problem

    Scream Solo Problem

    Hey Everyone, so I'm getting better at this solo, I've just still gotta work on my accuracy. The main problem I'm having right now though is that when I play the 2nd string it sounds pretty weird almost like I'm tapping the fret. I think the issue might be that I'm fretting it too hard so it...
  4. Xzavier471

    Amp Contest Winner!

    Yo congrats Ed! ✊🔥🔥🎸
  5. Xzavier471

    🚨 Contest Announcement!!! 🚨

    I've got an idea for a name, hopefully no one else is thinking the same thing! 😂
  6. Xzavier471

    Scream solo picking pattern

    I actually tried that right before you commented and I felt a huge difference it's much easier to play and I feel like I can actually progress now where as before I wasn't really progressing at all. Thanks!
  7. Xzavier471

    Scream solo picking pattern

    Definitely! That's sucks, hopefully you'll have more time to practice it
  8. Xzavier471

    Scream solo picking pattern

    Ok appreciate it! I'm having a little trouble currently so that's why I wanted to see if I was playing it correctly haha
  9. Xzavier471

    Scream solo picking pattern

    Ok thanks!
  10. Xzavier471

    Scream solo picking pattern

    Hello everyone just wondering if anybody knew what the picking pattern to the solo in Scream is? I play it down up down and then up when playing the second string and then down up down etc but I'm not sure if this is the way Syn plays it.
  11. Xzavier471

    Synyster Gates+Birthday=?

    Hey you never know if you don't try😂
  12. Xzavier471

    Synyster Gates+Birthday=?

    A little deathbat told me that if its your birthday Syn himself will fly down from the shred kingdom above and wish you a happy birthday??:unsure::unsure::unsure:
  13. Xzavier471

    Song's for practicing technique

    That's great! , I think a mixture of excercises and songs works best because you get to have fun by playing a song you like and get better instead of nothing but boring excercises haha
  14. Xzavier471

    Song's for practicing technique

    When I was younger I found BYOB by System of a Down to be good practice for trem picking but if you can already pick faster than the main riff I'd find something else. (y)