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Aiden Dollar

I’ve been playing 6-7 months, I play electric and own two Ibanez guitars and a stratocaster (at the moment). I’m not very good, and still

Ezequiel Romanko

playin' guitar is life

Rute Rodrigues

That 15 year old portuguese girl that sucks at guitar, but thinks she is good.

Jaylen Owens

Lead guitarist of Born UnForgiven Syn is my favorite guitarist. l am still in development been playing for close to 2 years but always want

Adam Ashbridge

My name is Adam, and I'm 31, and I'm a self taught guitarist of 21 years, from Sunderland in the U.K.

I'm a

Hector Pavlovich

Just a regular mexican guitarist that started playing at 10 years old.
I love music and Syn is my inspiration.

Dylan Luna

My name is Dylan. I am 12 years old. Syn and Sevenfold set me on this path. Now I am the lead guitarist for a

Gabriel Corso

Hello there!
My name is Gabriel and I am an aspiring musician from Brazil.

Aaron Ferguson

Just trying to earn my degree in shredology!
Follow me on instagram: @aar0nferguson
Los Angeles, California

Kye Feher

Lead Technician of Maternal Engineering; Personal Assistant to Mr Murder Bird Gaming, Master 4 and Miss 2; Deathbat; Mansonite; Crazy Dog Lady...

Aditya Krishna

I am a self-taught 18 yo guitarist who has been playing the guitar for the last 4 years. I mostly play metal, blues, gypsy jazz

Dylan Burley

Ambitious guitar player. Always up for a challenge.

Brian Koenig

Guitarist, composer, teacher, instrumentalist, A7X fan, also member of adventure-metal band Lords of the Trident.

Syn Gates

Just a guy who likes to party

Noah Berends

20 y/o, guitarist of 8, studying Film & Media at Calvin College. I have a passion for playing, and sometimes I record that passion. Looking

Miffffffff Tatata

Playing guitar like my idol Synyster Gates is my dream 🎸

Marina Rojas

Multimedia student. A beginner guitarist. Experienced with woodwinds and piano. My other hobbies include, traditional art and video games.

Soren A

a7x pantera foREVer sorry for lo quality

Ids Schiere

Been playing guitar since I was 14. Live in Groningen and I study applied physics in uni

Brad Lake

I’m a bassist in an Ottawa metal band called Sinful Ways. Influences are Nikki Sixx, Geezer Butler, Cliff Burton, Steve Harris, John Paul Jones, and

Garin Miller

I’m 25 trying to become the best guitarist I possibly can. Metal head for life!

Jakob Firmage

16 year old guitarist from the U.S.🤘🏻🎸

Martin Ronning

22 year old YouTube guitarist from Norway.
Been playing guitar for about seven years, mostly self-taught but with a few lessons here and