Brent Haner

Brent Haner Brent Haner / Followers

Cody Areford

Im fairly new to the guitar but Syn and ZackyV realy got me into it.

Lukas Messner

Just a guy from the countryside with an Epiphone MKH Custom

Alicia Schmitt

30-something wife/mother/music lover. Attempted to learn guitar in the past; Syn is a huge inspiration to me so hoping this time I can stick with

Jackson Harsin

20 year old Lead Guitarist from the Midwest

Supraja Vadlamani

22 y/o A7x fan hailing from Toronto!

Faith Williams

Determined to learn- Synyster & Slash- Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Popunk- Avenged sevenfold & GNR all day🤘

Nausicaa Talarock

A7X fan from the birth (almost).
Part of A7X Italia family.
Guitar, cinema and books lover.
...and many other

Jacob Rash

soon-to-be YouTube cover guitarist.

EJ Robledo

I'm a really devoted DEATHBAT/METALHEAD!
R.I.P. Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan

Marina Rojas

Multimedia student. A beginner guitarist. Experienced with woodwinds and piano. My other hobbies include, traditional art and video games.

Larisa Ramirez

Larisa. 25. Music love. Hockey addict. Novice guitar player, experienced musician.

Avenged Sevenfold Italia

Hello everyone!
We are the italian community dedicated to A7X since 2006 ✌ if you're italian enjoy the family.

João Jófili

18, constantly coming back to more lessons. Pushing my boundaries thanks to this majestic place!

Nicole Thorpe

A pianist at heart but gotta love trying something new!
Studying level 3 music diploma at college x

Tim Hutchins

Tim,24,Concord, NH. I'm looking to collaborate with musicians equally as passionate about music and devoted to their craft. Willing/looking to relocate for the

Thomas Holloway

Master of all trades, jack of none.

Flip Twogood

23 Salt Lake City UT Playing for 8 years. Progression is gradual and will occur when practicing correct techniques regularly and slowly till its second

Giada Conti

Giada ▪ Italy ▪ Level 30 ♠
▪ Devoted to A7X since 2007 🦇
▪ Owner of Avenged Sevenfold Italia
▪ Web content creator

Abbi Davis

"Heroes get remembered, but legends never die." -Babe Ruth, the Sandlot

Waitress at Chuys in Waco, Tx,
Working for my moment to

Viridiana Garcia

i like cinnamon rolls and pizza 🙂

Christian Stein

A guy who owns a Schecter Synyster Custom but can't Play like Syn ...

Adam Dziędziurko

Trying to look cool with a guitar/alcohol enthusiast/Warsaw/94'/#a7xpolishfans

Brandon Parker

Here for the licks and tricks

François Hubert

'Been playing for 6 years now, just passionate about learning new stuff in general. Music has been my favorite thing for as long as I

Ellie Griffin

•20/ East Midlands, England
•Avenged Sevenfold ❤️️
•Music 🤘🏽
•Photography 📷
•Graphic Design 🖥🖌

Jose Vazquez

Hi there, I'm José and I started playing guitar at 13 because of A7X, now I'm 19 years old and I hope to be as

Daniel Leo

Played guitar about 10 years ago and can't wait to start practicing and learn again!

Syn Gates

Just a guy who likes to party

Brian Haner Sr.

I'm drinking while you read this.

Davey Oberlin

Live keyboard player for Korn.
Former touring guitar player for Winds Of Plague.
All The Damn Vampires