Kimberly Kelly

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Kye Feher

Lead Technician of Maternal Engineering; Personal Assistant to Mr Murder Bird Gaming, Master 4 and Miss 2; Deathbat; Mansonite; Crazy Dog Lady...

Ankit Thakor

Hi all! I am Ankit from India. I am an Beginner end level player. I've been playing since past few years intermittently. Still learning, working

Jake Arnold

From Traverse City, Michigan.

Rudie Du Plooy

Geek by Day, Muso at Night. Lead guitarist for Harmony of Silence. Self taught guitarist.
Gear List : Schecter C1-FR Hellraiser, Kemper Profiler

Brian Haner Sr.

I'm drinking while you read this.

Rebecca Nkosi

Retail manager
Music lover