Dimitris Findanis

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Filip Tomiša

20 years old, been playing guitar for 4 years, also i'm studying audio engineering.
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Christian Spieth

Just another guy wanting to get better

Dominik Gräber

Playing for some years now but just starting out seriously thanks to this School m/

Simon Gavriilidis

I have been playing the electric guitar on and off for over 10 years. I always had an interest in creating music or learning more

John Tierney

Playing with a more serious mindset for 2 years. Really wanting to bounce ideas off everyone and eager to learn

Gabriel Milum

I play romantic guitar

Ids Schiere

Been playing guitar since I was 14. Live in Groningen and I study applied physics in uni

Stella Gole

hello! I just love playing the guitar...

Sven Barnitzki

Sven from Regensburg, Germany.
Influences: Synyster Gates, Daron Malakian, Björn Gelotte, Andy James and Rick Graham.

Flip Twogood

23 Salt Lake City UT Playing for 8 years. Progression is gradual and will occur when practicing correct techniques regularly and slowly till its second