Dimitris Findanis

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Christian Spieth

Just another guy wanting to get better

Aditya Krishna

I am a self-taught 18 yo guitarist who has been playing the guitar for the last 4 years. I mostly play metal, blues, gypsy jazz

Syn Gates

Just a guy who likes to party

Dominik Gräber

21, playing since 2015. Into Metal and Hardrock m/

Jak Angelescu

Momma said knock you out🎵🎸

John Tierney

Playing with a more serious mindset for 2 years. Really wanting to bounce ideas off everyone and eager to learn

Ids Schiere

Been playing guitar since I was 14. Live in Groningen and I study applied physics in uni

Gabriel Milum

I play romantic guitar

Brian Haner Sr.

I'm drinking while you read this.

Richard O'connor

28 years old. Birmingham, England. Been playing for 21 years.

Flip Twogood

23 Salt Lake City UT Playing for 8 years. Progression is gradual and will occur when practicing correct techniques regularly and slowly till its second