Hector Trejo

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Marlyn Voe

That 15 year old portuguese girl that sucks at guitar, but thinks she is good.

Ezequiel Romanko

playin' guitar is life

Lee McCoy

Yes I like guitar

Jose Vazquez

Hi there, I'm José and I started playing guitar at 13 because of A7X, now I'm 19 years old and I hope to be as

Rowan Morris

LEFTY Queen, 23; Owner of Creating Dreams and Visions web designing; holder of certifications and licenses and humongous musician dreamer.

Ed Seith

Old guys can still rock. Always taking questions about AxeFX modelers and the Syn Cab Pack, computers in music, maintaining and servicing your guitars, etc

Cody Areford

Im fairly new to the guitar but Syn and ZackyV realy got me into it.

Dave Schirz

Drummer and a self-taught guitarist

Katja - Kim

Go practice your scales!

Brandon Parker

Here for the licks and tricks

Anze Kos

I am 14 year old and I wanna get better at guitar... my insparation is Synyster Gates! 😀

Hector Pavlovich

Just a regular mexican guitarist that started playing at 10 years old.
I love music and Syn is my inspiration.

John Sarabia

NEW ACCOUNT/ 16 year old from Cincinnati, OH, Guitar collector/ G-1275 Doubleneck custom, Jackson J2-27 DKA 7 string, Schecter Synyster Gates custom original (1st model)

Julio cesar Campos de paula

Guitar player in South Hammer Band

Adam Ashbridge

My name is Adam, and I'm 31, and I'm a self taught guitarist of 21 years, from Sunderland in the U.K.

I'm a

Robin Espinal

Hey, my name is Robin Espinal-Rodriguez Jr, I'm 18 I am hoping to get the Synyster Custom S But the money is tight at the

Juan Ramirez

That one guy who plays guitar and drums
Houston Tx.
17 y.o

Dan Shipway

A guitarist with an unhealthy obsession with fire.

Akshat Rawat

I Play mainly metal, classic rock and currently trying to get into blues and jazz smh.
I upload mostly on

Seth Bautista

Been playing guitar for roughly 2 years now and drums for maybe 4 years?

Ethan Keeling

Apprentice plumber in the UK. Wanna try and make an impact on here!

Ids Schiere

Been playing guitar since I was 14. Live in Groningen and I study applied physics in uni

Noah Berends

20 y/o, guitarist of 8, studying Film & Media at Calvin College. I have a passion for playing, and sometimes I record that passion. Looking

Nancy Meza

Music enthusiast :D -- Guitar beginner! -- <3 A7X Dallas, TX

Dylan Luna

My name is Dylan. I am 12 years old. Syn and Sevenfold set me on this path. Now I am the lead guitarist for a

Gabriel Corso

Hello there!
My name is Gabriel and I am an aspiring musician from Brazil.

Franco Capodici

I’m 22 years old. I’ve being playing guitar for over 16+ years and currently lives in Pasadena, CA. I’m a huge fan of jazz, rock

Fabio Rossi

20 years old italian metal guitarist by the band H.O.P.E (Hold On Pain Ends).

I post video and lessons about guitar

Tyler Koch

Chicago born and raised. I like metal and lifting weights <3

Ankit Thakor

Hi all! I am Ankit from India. I am an Beginner end level player. I've been playing since past few years intermittently. Still learning, working

Scott Macrae

🎶 I play various instruments and write, record, mix & produce my own music as Artificial Mastermind (AMM). I also play lead guitar for Hull

Dominik Gräber

21, playing since 2015. Into Metal and Hardrock m/

Andrew Fernandes

I would say I am beginner-intermediate or intermediate-beginner I'm on the verge of intermediate I hope

Sayeed Hasan

Want to explore the whole fretboard.

Brandon Jones

Been playing guitar for two and a half years. Just want to get to where I can consistently play better and learn more about things

Tre Savedge

Just a former Marine trying the shred his way through life.

Corey Mineard

Blues enthusiast from behind the cheddar curtain. I have lived in Wisconsin most of my life, playing bars and clubs since the early 1990s.

Peter Wallis

Guitarist from Austria,
in a band called So Far From Home,
currently studying Electrical- and Audioengineering

Felipe Lamim

Just a 16 years old boy who likes music and science


Tristen Becci

Favorite Guitarists;
Synyster Gates
Zacky Vengence
Dimebag Derrel
Kirk Hammet
Tony Iommi
Randy Rhodes

Robert Freeborn

I began playing guitar in seventh grade, which was 12 years ago. I like playing jazz, classical, blues, rock, and metal.

Brian Haner Sr.

I'm drinking while you read this.

Mark Pabst

Based in Southern California. Looking for people to Jam with.

Martin Ronning

22 year old YouTube guitarist from Norway.
Been playing guitar for about seven years, mostly self-taught but with a few lessons here and

Cody Sauser

Ohio based guitarist with 3 years of on and off experience and a whole lotta time to kill so lets get to work!

Tim Hutchins

Tim,24,Concord, NH. I'm looking to collaborate with musicians equally as passionate about music and devoted to their craft. Willing/looking to relocate for the

Kimberly Kelly

Started listening to A7X in 2003. The first time I heard Syn play I was blown away and wanted to learn. After all these years

Dennis Radigan Sr.

Self taught metal guitarist with 34 Years experience... trying to expand my skills..

Christos Poulos

MASSIVE! Avenged Sevenfold fan. Synyster Gates is my main inspiration along with some passed legends such as Dimebag Darrell. YouTuber and videographer.

Dylan Tower

Guitarist from CT. I have been playing for around two years. My favorite bands are periphery, avenged, animals as leaders, and oceans ate alaska.

Flip Twogood

23 Salt Lake City UT Playing for 8 years. Progression is gradual and will occur when practicing correct techniques regularly and slowly till its second

Oskar Mitts

Intermediate guitar player from Finland

Andrew Kuder

My name is Andrew Kuder. I'm 14 years old and I've been playing guitar since I was 11. I play everything from classical and jazz

Abbi Davis

"Heroes get remembered, but legends never die." -Babe Ruth, the Sandlot

Waitress at Chuys in Waco, Tx,
Working for my moment to

Syn Gates

Just a guy who likes to party