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Jaylen Owens

Lead guitarist of Born UnForgiven Syn is my favorite guitarist. l am still in development been playing for close to 2 years but always want

Nath Bradshaw

Hey, I’m Nath from Chester uk, been playing guitar for around 15 years, I’m in a kick ass cover bad called RIFFT,

The Raven

A young guitarist from Minnesota. Still learning the ropes but practicing and learning each and every day

Anthony Peña

Attending UNT, majoring in Jazz Studies. I hope to be putting out music with some bandmates within the next three years. Thank you Synyster and

Anna Gufler

Here to have a good time - and evolve as a player.

Alan Carter

Been playing for 3yrs; electric/acoustic; Rock/Metal/Blues.

Cleowell john Casalmer

I am Guitarist and I love avenged sevenfold
I love my brother and my mom and dad.

Jancok Jancok

I am a beginner guitarist I really want to go deeper about learning guitar, for me the synyster gates school is the best and fun

Kfir Yaakovi

I got to see Zacky breaks his guitar on stage - London 2013

Aileé Guerra Aréizaga

Classically trained singer, garage trained guitarist 😛
Audio Engineer 😉

Benjamin Josse

Amateur musician. Working on original music! Love metal. A7X is life!

Jade Carter

My name Jade
Add me on Facebook, or don't

Ana García

Beginner guitarrist from spain

Thomas Bush

19, recently started playing guitar in August of 2017. I own a Synyster Gates Custom-S (Black and Gold) with Syn's autograph, Schecter Demon 6 FR

Evan Cosman

Sorry for the double upload Im trying to get my acoount sorted out. Just trying my best to improve 🤘

Stefan Kobald

27 years old from Austria.

Tobias Mortensen

Danish synner who wants to rock!

Isaiah Honesto

Just a kid trying to improve,feel free to give feedback on my covers!

Larry Tooley

Just a good ol' boy
Never meanin' no harm
Beats all you never saw
Been in trouble with the law

Nicole Nikolaeva

Hi! I'm Nicole Kirilova, I'm from Bulgaria and I've been playing classical and jazz music for two years. Music is my life, I've grown up

Rowan Morris

LEFTY Queen, 23; Owner of Creating Dreams and Visions web designing; holder of certifications and licenses and humongous musician dreamer.

Nicole Lopez

Tired, coffee addicted engineering student rekindling her love for music and playing guitar

Hector Pavlovich

Just a regular mexican guitarist that started playing at 10 years old.
I love music and Syn is my inspiration.

John Sarabia

NEW ACCOUNT/ 16 year old from Cincinnati, OH, Guitar collector/ G-1275 Doubleneck custom, Jackson J2-27 DKA 7 string, Schecter Synyster Gates custom original (1st model)

Alex S

Saw A7X in January 2018, dream come true after listening for years. Started playing around Christmas 2017. Syn is why I play. Been part of

Adam Ashbridge

My name is Adam, and I'm 31, and I'm a self taught guitarist of 21 years, from Sunderland in the U.K.

I'm a

Allan Mori

Computer Science and Guitar Enthusiast

Matt Wildman

I've been playing for the past 3 years. I started as a rythym guitarist so recently I have been trying to become better at lead

Tim Mercer

Musician been playing for 16 plus years. From Atlanta looking to meet other musicians and share different music on this school.

Kim Vandenrijn

I'm a beginner. My guitar stood many years in my living room part of the decorations😊.
Thanks to this website and forum I

Christian J.S. Schulze Aguiar

Just a dude that picked up guitar in 2016 hungry for more!

Nick Shepley

Musician from Windsor Ontario Canada

Alicia Schmitt

30-something wife/mother/music lover. Attempted to learn guitar in the past; Syn is a huge inspiration to me so hoping this time I can stick with

Dylan Luna

My name is Dylan. I am 12 years old. Syn and Sevenfold set me on this path. Now I am the lead guitarist for a

Andrew Fernandes

I would say I am beginner-intermediate or intermediate-beginner I'm on the verge of intermediate I hope

Valeria Secchi

Valeria, 21, huge fan of A7X, reason why I keep hang in playing. Singer, acoustic guitarist, fingerpicking, lack with the pick. Now the time to

Twiggy Nameless

25 // Sweden

Been playing guitar since: September 2017
Favorite bands: Avenged Sevenfold, Rammstein, Papa Roach, Ghost, Killswitch Engage

Pallavi Rao

Designer from Toronto.

Devin Notah

Learning guitar... Trying to get faster... Overall im trying to be the best...

Jeff Pogan

shred shred shred
I riff for Suicidal Tendencies and have an addiction to shredding

Holly Lingle

Tommy Shaw inspired me to learn guitar and I eventually formed a band with Jak as a singer, but couldn't resist joining to continue my

Gabriel Corso

Hello there!
My name is Gabriel and I am an aspiring musician from Brazil.

John Robinson

Huge avenged fan

Jonathan Rangström

I've played guitar for slightly longer than a year

Michael McDonald

Guitarist for E57 from Scranton, PA, USA.
Thank you so much for checking out my videos! Let’s make some music together!

Emil Andersen

When i don't play guitar i workout or read books.

William Burgess

23 year old from Fresno, CA. Love pretty much all kinds of music. Looking to meet some cool people and further myself as a musician

Ethan Bay

My favorite bands include Avenged Sevenfold, Van Halen, Metallica, Guns N Roses, Aerosmith, Dream Theater, Rush, Pantera, Tool, Iron Maiden, and Alter Bridge.

Cody Boyles

A something year old who hasn't played in a while, but is always willing to throw down something crunchy.

Anton Vlad

20 Years Old Romanian Guy

Lance Allen

Hi! My name is Lance, I'm a kid who's new to guitar and here to enjoy the ride! Not too good yet, but emphasis on

Daniel Bernard

I never know what to say here... Maybe that says alot about me

Derrick Mcgill

been playing since I was 9. Played in several VA based bands. Want to expand my skill to a new level and learn some new

Millie Imber

Amateur, teen guitarist from London, England. Been playing guitar for approx. 4 years, self taught until February 2018. I also taught myself drums, bass, piano

Danny Pickle

Just an up-and-coming guitarist looking for people to jam with and learn from fellow guitarists

Julian Penz

Playing guitar since January 2014. Favorite Bands are: Avenged Sevenfold, Dream Theater, Metallica, Anthrax etc. Skill Level: Many A7X & DT stuff some solos but

Ian Stuart

Hi I'm Ian!

I'm 25 from the UK and love to noodle on my axe!

Supraja Vadlamani

22 y/o A7x fan hailing from Toronto!

Steven Huth

Hey, I’m Steven. Been playing guitar for about ten years now. Mostly self taught. Looking forward to this community and playing music with everyone.

Terry Haner

Hi everyone, I'm an amateur guitarist from the Czech Republic (Europe)

Yosi Yamin

19 years old from Tel Aviv/ A massive A7X fan/ A guitar player.

I was fortunate enough to jam with Syn when A7X finally

Ruben Marques

16 years old,
I play in two Bands,
Dreams: Play Guitar like Syn and meet Syn

Brandon Parker

Here for the licks and tricks

Brian Koenig

Guitarist, composer, teacher, instrumentalist, A7X fan, also member of adventure-metal band Lords of the Trident.

Jacob Rash

soon-to-be YouTube cover guitarist.

Calum Caughey

23 year old Guitarist from Northern Ireland, I just enjoy playing and looking forward to meeting other musicians :)!

Jack Bisase

Just learning guitar, grateful for this tool and community.

Sayonil Mitra

Trying to be a better guitarist while you are reading this...

Rens Langerak

beginning guitar noob

Garin Miller

I’m 25 trying to become the best guitarist I possibly can. Metal head for life!

Dan Shipway

I have been playing guitar for 6/7 years and I am a massive fan of Sevenfold and Synyster gates is a huge role model for

Dylan Burley

Ambitious guitar player. Always up for a challenge.

Elton Douglas

lover guitar and Talk to me, if you want to become a band.

Josh Lightner

Instructor and manager by day, aspiring guitarist by night (when I’m not fighting crime).

Kristen Gerber

I have 2 pro guitar musicians in my family. Both lost their patience on teaching me. I am a slow learner so I joined this

Aditya Krishna

I am a self-taught 18 yo guitarist who has been playing the guitar for the last 4 years. I mostly play metal, blues, gypsy jazz

Mikki Rousi

Metal for life!

Ezequiel Romanko

playin' guitar is life

Derek Mueller

I’ve played guitar for about 16 years now. I love hard rock and heavy metal. I also love to solo!

Matt Erickson

Guitarist from the Chicagoland Area in Illinois.
I am the guitarist for Oppressed Affliction
Currently studying Jazz Guitar at University of Illinois

Benjamin Bencik

Ambitious guitar player, youtube creator and a huge fan of Synyster Gates!

Syn Gates

Just a guy who likes to party

Srijan Mahanty

A huge fan of Synyster Gates and Papa Gates.Im a metal-head,ready to headbang at any place,anytime.Playing guitar since 7 yrs.Cheers

TheMighty Jambi

Drinking, Jamming, Jamming and Drinking

Jen Hapke

The first time I really grabbed up a guitar was when I was about 16 years old. I learned the basic chords but gave up

John Tierney

Playing with a more serious mindset for 2 years. Really wanting to bounce ideas off everyone and eager to learn

Elton Breaux

Just a man trying to learn to play close to syn. Love making good rock music

Irina Patrut

Originally from Romania. I love food and kind people! Oh, and I am a zoologist. ^.^
I always wanted to play an instrument

Ben Thorpe

I am not Syn. Don't let my profile picture confuse you.

Josh Wright

Starting up a band, I'm a pretty decent lead, but also good at rhythm.

Dominik Gräber

Playing for some years now but just starting out seriously thanks to this School m/

Jaxon Muller

Graduate of the Interlochen Arts Academy with a diploma in Motion Picture Arts. Thank you Syn and Papa Gates for creating this school!

Hayley Frederick

22 | Jersey | Beginnger

Théo Lorette-Froidevaux

I play the guitar since few years, but I'm really into it since April 2017. Bought a Schecter Synyster Gates Standard and I really want

Sven Barnitzki

Sven from Regensburg, Germany.
Influences: Synyster Gates, Daron Malakian, Björn Gelotte, Andy James and Rick Graham.

Julian Barton

I have been playing guitar for 6 years and I love all music! My favorite band happens to be Avenged Sevenfold but I love playing

Faith Williams

Determined to learn- Synyster & Slash- Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Popunk- Avenged sevenfold & GNR all day🤘

Aaron Paugh

I am a guitarist from Ontario, Canada. I have been playing for almost 12 years. I love practically all genres of music and my repertoire

Sarah Krawec

I like science fiction, heavy metal, and shooting shit with a bow & arrow.

Has Saan

Beginner Guitarist for 5 years ... Yes, thats true

Alicia Willis

Eager to learn and improve and just have fun !
Eclectic musical tastes.

Ruby Calypso

I am a ukulele playing MerMaven. To play uke on your guitar, capo the 5th fret and focus on the top 4 strings.


Travis Ross

Native-Canadian, Playing for about 5 years with out all the long breaks I took XD Joined Synyster Gates School to obtain the skill level to

Nelly Vargas

Coming home knowing my baby (my guitar) will be on my wall gets me through the day. Like seriously LOL

Mateo Parra

Hi my name is Mateo, I've been playing guitar for 1 year & a half, wht I've learned during this time: The only thing that

Ed Seith

Old guys can still rock. Gigged from 89-97, then stopped til 09. Back in 2018 with MIGHTY JOE YOUNG, an STP tribute, but that fell

Mark Pabst

Based in Southern California. Looking for people to Jam with.

Tyler Graham

21 years old. Live in West Virginia. Drums are my life, but slowly learning guitar and trying to write my own music.

Kye Feher

Lead Technician of Maternal Engineering; Personal Assistant to Mr Murder Bird Gaming, Master 4 and Miss 2; Deathbat; Mansonite; Crazy Dog Lady...

Israel Stefanello

My biggest influence is Synyster Gates and my idol Eric Clapton

Will Cabernet

6 ft. Plays an Ibanez. There you go

Kimberly Kelly

Started listening to A7X in 2003. The first time I heard Syn play I was blown away and wanted to learn. After all these years

Riki Isaksson

A 20 year old who loves music, sports and science

Ashlyn Payne

Hey. I'm Ash.

So I'm a beginner guitarist and a big fan of Syn's work 🙂 I love music in all forms and I'm

Ankit Thakor

Hi all! I am Ankit from India. I am an Beginner end level player. I've been playing since past few years intermittently. Still learning, working

Stefi Marcu

13 yo Syner from Romania. Guitar player at Revolver. In love with my guitar.

Gabriel Milum

I play romantic guitar

Art Kalenda

I am a home studio player from New York,i use to play in many cover bands and just decided to play at home for

Annelene Frabe

~ beginner
~ playing guitar since May 2017

Corey Mineard

Blues enthusiast from behind the cheddar curtain. I have lived in Wisconsin most of my life, playing bars and clubs since the early 1990s.

Brian Haner Sr.

I'm drinking while you read this.

Zé Marques

Avenged Sevenfold fan since 2005.
Guitarist since mid-2009.
Blinded In Chains in "NFS Most Wanted" was how I discovered them.

Rudie Du Plooy

Geek by Day, Muso at Night. Lead guitarist for Harmony of Silence. Self taught guitarist.
Gear List : Schecter C1-FR Hellraiser, Kemper Profiler

Cody Sauser

Ohio based guitarist with 3 years of on and off experience and a whole lotta time to kill so lets get to work!

William Richardson

4 1/2 Years Self-Taught