Jake Young

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Dominik Gräber

Playing for some years now but just starting out seriously thanks to this School m/

Ted Hoffman

Guitar and songwriting junkie, meteorologist by profession, Parkinson's patient

Filip Tomiša

19 years old, been playing guitar for 4 years, also i'm studying audio engineering

Cody Sauser

Ohio based guitarist with 3 years of on and off experience and a whole lotta time to kill so lets get to work!

Chris Robertson

Rock, blues, 80s hair metal mostly. Getting back to where I have time to consistently practice. Got my first guitar in 1984 (wow, I'm

Théo Lorette-Froidevaux

I play the guitar since few years, but I'm really into it since April 2017. Bought a Schecter Synyster Gates Standard and I really

Spencer Stone

Hey all. I'm an intermediate guitar player. 30 years playing "baby chords" and a few licks. Finally seriously learning lead guitar. I also

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