Brian Haner Sr.

Brian Haner Sr. Brian Haner Sr. / Followers

Roxx Vicious

Hollywood/L.A. area I live by GOD and Music so it would be a privilege to be a part of this. I would appreciate

Lee Stevens

Self taught for almost 7 years, check out my band “silvermillion” to see just how bad I do it 😂

Cody Dusenberry

Simple aspiring guitarist with a love for all things Avenged Sevenfold

Kristy Bowman

I'm Kristy and I'm 39 years old and live in a little town in Kentucky with my amazing husband Drew and our cat Luna.

Aiden Dollar

I’ve been playing 6-7 months, I play electric and own two Ibanez guitars and a stratocaster (at the moment). I’m not very good, and still

Riku Lainpelto

A car enthusiast and a "self" taught guitarist.

Kfir Yaakovi

Music, Gaming and Science.

Davey Oberlin

Touring Keyboard player for the band KORN
Former lead guitarist for Winds Of Plague
The mind behind All The Damn Vampires - Synthwave

Adin Shepherd

From Melbourne, Australia. Have played guitar long enough to be way better than I am. If I'm not playing guitar I am usually shooting bad

Annabelle Holling

i love music i owned my first guitar at the age of 8 and i plan to go to collage to study in music

Lee McCoy

Yes I like guitar

Abhinav Thakur

Crazy About Guitars

Diya D

just an aspiring guitarist and musician

Anthony Peña

Attending UNT, majoring in Jazz Studies. I hope to be putting out music with some bandmates within the next three years. Thank you Synyster and

Rute Rodrigues

That 15 year old portuguese girl that sucks at guitar, but thinks she is good.

Stefan Gerritsen

Practice makes perfection!

Anna Gufler

Here to have a good time - and evolve as a player.

Tim Mackey

Been playing punk rock for 20+ years and never bothered to study. Recently I realized my skill level has plateau’d and want to get better

Calum Caughey

23 year old Guitarist from Northern Ireland, I just enjoy playing and looking forward to meeting other musicians :)!

Cleowell john Casalmer

I am Guitarist and I love avenged sevenfold
I love my brother and my mom and dad.

Aileé Guerra Aréizaga

Classically trained singer, garage trained guitarist 😛
Audio Engineer 😉

Cody Areford

Im fairly new to the guitar but Syn and ZackyV realy got me into it.

Dave Schirz

Drummer and a self-taught guitarist

Tobias Mortensen

Danish synner who wants to rock!

Nathaniel Kwait

Just a guy and a guitar

Xter Shane

I'm just a guy who loves playing guitar

Larry Tooley

Just a good ol' boy
Never meanin' no harm
Beats all you never saw
Been in trouble with the law

Anton Vlad

20 Years Old Romanian Guy

Alejandro Herrera

I’m 22, Guitarist , Audio Engineering, Music Production and Music Business Student at Fanshawe MIA 🇲🇽 🇨🇦 - Twitter: @AlejandroHraV

Hector Pavlovich

Just a regular mexican guitarist that started playing at 10 years old.
I love music and Syn is my inspiration.

John Sarabia

NEW ACCOUNT/ 16 year old from Cincinnati, OH, Guitar collector/ G-1275 Doubleneck custom, Jackson J2-27 DKA 7 string, Schecter Synyster Gates custom original (1st model)

Julio cesar Campos de paula

Guitar player in South Hammer Band

Gerry Falcon

Hey!! I AM GERAL I LOVE A7X IN SPECIAL THE SYNYSTER GUITAR! I'm 11 years old playing the guitar. Happy to meet you! Regards from

Joshua Ellis

I'm from Indianapolis, Indiana, a beginner guitarist, a huge fan of Syn and A7X, a father of a beautiful little girl, and the lead singer

Ronnie Laehn

Guitarist from Chicago, IL. I’ve been playing for 10 years and focus in the areas or metal, Jazz, Rock and classical. I’m the lead guitarist

Juan Ramirez

That one guy who plays guitar and drums
Houston Tx.
17 y.o

Nick Allen


Max Lobato

An edgy adolescent who wears black all the damn time.

Steven Getzendiner

Second time beginner. I tried learning guitar 30 years ago. Favorite bands that I try to learn are Rise Against, Muse, Volbeat, Soundgarden and of

Ethan Keeling

Apprentice plumber in the UK. Wanna try and make an impact on here!

Tristan McCarty

Not to bad, not to great. I have more experience using samples and original lyrics than writing completely original songs.


I like stuff

Gabriele Martella

Hi I'm Lele. 23 yo from Rome.
Lead guitarist of Rapture Chains and solo artist.
Grown musically with the GOD Synyster

Amin Mosli

a man has no face.

Julie Queslin

I start playing the guitar. Hell yeah.

Stephanie Olsen

Love to sing and play the guitar☠️🤘🏻💚

Nick Shepley

Musician from Windsor Ontario Canada

Christian J.S. Schulze Aguiar

Just a dude that picked up guitar in 2016 hungry for more!

Ariel Denise

I know two chords, just need a guitar.

Louise Judge

Playing guitar and playing music is my life! I'm currently studying music and will be for the next 3 years! My ultimate goal is to

Tereza Kozikova

Based in PRAGUE 🇨🇿
For 12 years still beginner ➡️ Until I've found PAPA GATES's lessons! 🎸
So GRATEFUL for this 🙏

Chris Johnston

I am a 23 year old Guitar Tutor and Husky Dad from North Ayrshire, Scotland. I'm in love with harmony and economy picking.

Dylan Luna

My name is Dylan. I am 12 years old. Syn and Sevenfold set me on this path. Now I am the lead guitarist for a

Yosi Yamin

19 Years old from Tel Aviv.
I'm listening to avenged as you're reading this.

Matt Wildman

I've been playing for the past 4 years. Lead guitarist of Infinite Contention 🤘🏼. Hoosier

Alicia Schmitt

30-something wife/mother/music lover. Attempted to learn guitar in the past; Syn is a huge inspiration to me so hoping this time I can stick with

Sara Monroy

I have been playing spanish guitar for far too long (maybe 8 years) and electric for 5 years, but never focused on learning more difficult

Valeria Secchi

Valeria, 21, huge fan of A7X, reason why I keep hang in playing. Singer, acoustic guitarist, fingerpicking, lack with the pick. Now the time to

Jiri Unger

A medicine student and casual guitar player with passion for art and good music.

Pallavi Rao

Designer from Toronto.

Anton Dnestrovskiy

Just a french guy who likes to play PRS guitars and write prog songs with 15 solos per song.
John Petrucci and Marty

Logan Adler

17 years young, metal enthusiasts.. and eager to learn how to master the guitar from the man him self (syn)

Evan Spence

Started @ age 12. I use 2 self-hotrod guitars, Ibanez Gio, Gibson LP Classic Tom Morgan Artist Series, Line6 Spider IV 150H, 2 MG100 4x12

Devin Notah

Learning guitar... Trying to get faster... Overall im trying to be the best...

Aryo Naufal F

Im not a guitarist never will be but, we live in a beautiful world and sometimes i need take a melody of it 🙏

Milan Radojcic

Milan Radojcic , 14 yeard old , I play guitar for about 3 years .
Avenged Sevenfold , Lamb of God , Megadeth .

Stefan McAllister

Hi im Stefan from Northern Ireland! Im new here but i have been a fan of A7X for years and want to step up my

Rowan Morris

LEFTY Queen, 23; Owner of Creating Dreams and Visions web designing; holder of certifications and licenses and humongous musician dreamer.

Holly Lingle

Tommy Shaw inspired me to learn guitar and I eventually formed a band with Jak as a singer, but couldn't resist joining to continue my

Matt R

Practice playing with the bands you love, and you’ll never get bored.

We ain’t leavin til we’re heavin

Alicia Willis

Eager to learn and improve and just have fun !
Eclectic musical tastes.

Ethan Riley

I'm currently a solo artist out of vegas. I play guitar and like almost all genres but like playing metal, jazz, and funk/experimental.

Nicholas Brown

29. Been playing guitar almost 17 years. Still think I have room for improvement on hand sync and right hand technique

Emil Andersen

When i don't play guitar i workout or read books.

Carson Tate

I wish I knew karate

Damien Kivlehan

Guitarist @ Tim Ripper Owens!!!
Guitarist @ SugarWolf
Special Effects Technician @ HBO Game Of Thrones

Omar Jauhari

Just a guitarist here and a huge fan of Synyster!

Mac Teague

18 cancer.
Metal or die!
I play Schecter's Like Syn.
total dork.

Jackson Harsin

20 year old Lead Guitarist from the Midwest

Katie Sheard

Love guitars, beer and Syn.

Titan Davon Kusnanda

Just a guy who wants to master a guitar

Sven Barnitzki

Sven from Regensburg, Germany.
Influences: Synyster Gates, Daron Malakian, Björn Gelotte, Andy James and Rick Graham.

Rozec 6661

"Religion separates humanity.. It's music that brings us together."

Sayonil Mitra

Trying to be a better guitarist while you are reading this...

Adam Nolte

I'm kinda cool sometimes

Zvonimir Zoki

Hello my name is Zvonimir. I am from Croatia and currently in a band Panorama. I love guitar and girls 😉

Silver Aleman

I love music, electric guitar, distortion, a7x fan since 2005, a7x in the good times in the bad times and in the worst times. Proud

Pablo Medina

Hi my name is Pablo I'm a Mexican guitar player, I'm a big fan of synyster gates this site it´s like gold to me, I

Mike Catrina

guitarrist in Boulevard Catrina

Daniel Nelson

19 years old. Just trying my best in life, love playing guitar too much according to my gf...

Annelene Frabe

~ beginner
~ playing guitar since May 2017

Jessica Egger

I don't know shit about anything. I just like to play.

Susan Zaitz

Brazilian jiu jitsu and heavy metal.

David Sheahan

i am 18! been playing since i was 7

Jimi Rodriguez

Playing guitar is what fuels me everyday, practicing my craft, learning from the best ,synyster gates!, love to challenge and myself been playing for 18

Lucas Moskal

I'm Lucas, I'm 20 years old and I'm from Poland. I play guitar for around 4 years.
Synyster Gates is my biggest inspiration

Terry Haner

Hi everyone, I'm an amateur guitarist from the Czech Republic (Europe)

Dylan Burley

Ambitious guitar player. Always up for a challenge.

Tim Mercer

Musician been playing for 16 plus years. From Atlanta looking to meet other musicians and share different music on this school.

Millie Imber

Amateur, teen guitarist from London, England. Been playing guitar for approx. 4 years, self taught until February 2018. I also taught myself drums, bass, piano

Kylie Sepulveda

Bought a guitar to sooth my anxiety.
Im a very artistic nerdy cosplayer, roller derby girl, tarot card reader. I like punk, videogames

Nathan Register

Been playing Guitar for about 2 years. I grew in a musical family and so I have a lot of musical knowledge. Love music and

Carlos Melchor Rivas

Metal + Jazz = Jetal = Mazz .

Radu-Cristian Perde

Being that im on this site, I do play guitar and I attempt vocals.

Luke G

Self Taught Guitarist

Jacob Udell

Beginner in guitar

Sean Brennan

Just a regular guy who loves music from the majority of backgrounds.

Antonella Mazzaglia

Syn is my inspiration.

Lilly Palmer

Hi! My name is Lilly and I am the epitome of a beginner in the guitar world! Im excited to see where Syn’s school is

Brian Koenig

Guitarist, composer, teacher, instrumentalist, A7X fan, also member of adventure-metal band Lords of the Trident.

Anakin Conteras

Lead guitarist of Echo Syndrome (@echosyndrome on instagram)

Dev Das

I don't know who am I

Pouria Javan mojarad

electric guitar player

Gaetano Lauro

Just a random italian shredder
17 y.o.

Joel Ponce

3 Years playing guitar, almost 4

Andrey Styopin

27 y.o. designer at Moscow State Academic Philharmonic
Fender American Telecaster LH
Fender Player Jazz Bass LH
Fender CD-60S

Jakub Kyral

I’m the bassist for Australian band Enter Anarchy, I play not only bass but also guitar, drums, vocals and a little bit of piano.

Cédric Varlet

Self-educated Guitar Player since 4 years.

Dan Shipway

A guitarist with an unhealthy obsession with fire.

Nicolas Adriano Faria Sanches

Hello, I'm from Brazil, and I'm trying to learn how to play electric guitar.

Vincent Lemaitre Michaud

« I don’t play guitar because I’m good at it, I play guitar because I like it » :)

Kristen Gerber

I have 2 pro guitar musicians in my family. Both lost their patience on teaching me. I am a slow learner so I joined this

Yan Oliveira

- Beginner at guitar 🎸
- Brazilian🇧🇷
- Military👮
- Law student

- Started to study guitar after listened A7X and the

Aditya Krishna

I am a self-taught 18 yo guitarist who has been playing the guitar for the last 4 years. I mostly play metal, blues, gypsy jazz

Tambry Inskeep

Hey all! I'm a 22 year old female with a deep love of rock, metal, and dirty jokes!

Jen Hapke

The first time I really grabbed up a guitar was when I was about 16 years old. I learned the basic chords but gave up

Daniel Bernard

I never know what to say here... Maybe that says alot about me

John Gio

I am an italian guitarist member and co-founder of the hold32 group you can also find us on youtube on the hold32music channel

Mahdi Mehrabi

Progressive Metal,

Benjamin Bencik

Ambitious guitar player, youtube creator and a huge fan of Synyster Gates!

Brandon Morgan

im a bassist learning guitar

Deep Vaidya

I like jamming on my guitar all day long. Just started posting covers on YouTube for some of my favorite songs. About time I learn

Hailey Romero

I am probably ignoring to do something important right now as you are reading this, such as getting a life.

Ted Hoffman

Guitar and songwriting junkie, meteorologist by profession, Parkinson's patient

Josh Wright

Starting up a band, I'm a pretty decent lead, but also good at rhythm.

Shikhar Arya

I play guitar and produce music...

Brendan Duffy

Peace sells...and i’m buying!

Mason Zacharias

I’m 15 years old
From Dallas TX
A7x is my favorite band!
Check out my instagram for all my guitar vids

Amanda Tarnow

i have no experience what so ever! so i'm starting from the very beginning very excited for this.

Supraja Vadlamani

22 y/o A7x fan hailing from Toronto!

Leonardo Ribeiro Da Silva

I just like everything 🙂

Tyler Koch

Chicago born and raised. I like metal and lifting weights <3

Lewis Blake

UK based guitarist here. Been playing with metal outfit Heaven Asunder for the last 8 years, but have performed in many function bands ranging from

Aaron Paugh

I am a guitarist from Ontario, Canada. I have been playing for almost 12 years. I love practically all genres of music and my repertoire

Sarah Krawec

I like science fiction, heavy metal, and shooting shit with a bow & arrow.

Irina Patrut

Originally from Romania. I love food and kind people! Oh, and I am a zoologist. ^.^
I always wanted to play an instrument

Arite Khape

Always been a musician..
A guitarist
Synyster Gates is my inspiration and my guitar Hero...

Wanna be like syn which is

Alperen SAHIN

Favorite Bands: Avenged Sevenfold, GnR, Metallica.

Lead guitarists, student.

Travis Ross

Native-Canadian, Playing for about 5 years with out all the long breaks I took XD Joined Synyster Gates School to obtain the skill level to

Elton Breaux

Just a man trying to learn to play close to syn. Love making good rock music

Matt Kneen

Just a ginger playing guitar wanting to be cool

Bryan Kamanjian

The bryguy here, @ your displeasure 🙃. Here to learn some cool new shit and enhance my guitar playing! Stay classy San Diego 🥃

Stanimir Tsvetkov

I do flips, lift weights and obviously play guitar..

Cheyenne Kathleen

Beginner. Lover of Avenged Sevenfold.

Ankit Thakor

Hi all! I am Ankit from India. I am an Beginner end level player. I've been playing since past few years intermittently. Still learning, working

Micah Wright

I've been playing guitar for about 10 years and I'm excited to learn from not only Syn and Brian, but from all of you as

Jaxon Muller

Graduate of the Interlochen Arts Academy with a diploma in Motion Picture Arts. Thank you Syn and Papa Gates for creating this school!

Julian Barton

I have been playing guitar for 6 years and I love all music! My favorite band happens to be Avenged Sevenfold but I love playing

Germaine Madera

im 33 from north carolina and i want to master the guitar to create music and start a band🤘

Panos Mrz

First song I learned to play on the guitar:Smoke on the Water
Last song I learned to play on the guitar:Smoke on the Water

Andrew Woodcock

I love MetallicA and others but I don't know much about guitar

Hayden Dupree

Guitarist from the swamps of Louisiana.

Adam Baziuk

It's all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits.
Rocking a B.C. Rich Beast at the moment.
Came here

Lenore M

I like to shred, write music, and play in my band: Underage Thinking. I am Lenore The Shredder on Instagram, but I can't make the

Kyle Nelson

Just trying to get past my guitar plateau!

Chris Pidgen

Guitar has never agreed with me. Been trying to learn it on and off for 10 years. Time to tackle this beast!

Josh Lightner

Instructor and manager by day, aspiring guitarist by night (when I’m not fighting crime).

Nausicaa Talarock

A7X fan from the birth (almost).
Part of A7X Italia family.
Guitar, cinema and books lover.
...and many other

Faith Williams

Determined to learn- Synyster & Slash- Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Popunk- Avenged sevenfold & GNR all day🤘

Caroline Rocha

I am a beginner and I use a ESP Ltd V-50. My favorite bands are Avenged Sevenfold, Black Veil Brides, Linkin Park, the Gazette, Three

Muz Malek

I wanna be a guitarist some day ;P

William Annand

I'm a Left Handed guitar player. I've been playing Classical guitar for 7 and a half years, and Electric guitar for 5 years. I love

Abish Dominguez

Just a girl who likes to party

N Sau

azurlane,honkai3,hentai adv

Mary Gordon

I've never played a guitar in my life, but have always loved how amazing Syn is at it. So I figured this would be a

Bradford Skelley

Pursing That Happiness! Avid music enthusiast, devour adventurer, gamer, stellar conversationalist. Always down to make new friends.

Savannah Beal

Probably the second youngest guitarist you know.

Andres Steffens

Music lover, born in Colombia, living in the Dominican Republic. Currently studying at the National Conservatory of Music.

Israel Stefanello

My biggest influence is Synyster Gates and my idol Eric Clapton

Justin Stanton

Video Games.
That's pretty much my life.

David Barnett

Love partying and badass guitar solos

Matthijs Paulussen

20year old Dutch Guitar player who likes most rock-metal but prefers bands like Guns n roses, Skid row, Nirvana and Advenged sevenfold.

Oleksiy Pohorelov

I have never played the guitar before, so I`m very thankful to Syn and Papa Gates for these lessons, videos and opportunity to learn how

Matthew Brault

16, baseball player, guitarist

Hugo Ramos

Hello! I am Portuguese and 18 years old. My favourite bands are Avenged Sevenfold, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Guns N Roses and Pink

Joshua Howells

Beginner guitar player
Bmx rider

lAvenged Sevenfoldl

Lars Riedel

My name is Lars, I am a guitar player from Germany.
Started playing early 2012.
I play in a Post-Hardcore band

Korey Jaime

My name I Korey, I love Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park, and Korn. I'm striving to become a world famous guitarist by the age of 20

Josh Tabor

I'm a 16 year old lead guitar player,metal head by blood. My new album Time by my band Hate Proximity is released!

Savanna Herrin

Zen Buddhist, but metal as hell.

Fabio Rossi

20 years old italian metal guitarist by the band H.O.P.E (Hold On Pain Ends).

I post video and lessons about guitar

Borhan Milani

just trying to be a great guitarist

John Tierney

Playing with a more serious mindset for 2 years. Really wanting to bounce ideas off everyone and eager to learn

Cauê Nicolav

i'll shred just like syn, watch me

Gabriel Milum

I play romantic guitar

Ashley Armstrong

"Where the fuck is my fucking guitar pick?" - Every guitarist ever

Ashley Willis

Relearning guitar after taking a break for a few years.

Syafiqul Syamil

14 y'old | like to play with Syn one day later

Ray Weaver

I love guitar and Synyster Gates is the only reason I started teaching myself 3 years ago and when I found out about this I

Jordan Franklin

Self Taught. Just reached a year of hard work. Mostly do covers but in my band I also write some music.

Brad Lake

I’m a bassist in an Ottawa metal band called Sinful Ways. Influences are Nikki Sixx, Geezer Butler, Cliff Burton, Steve Harris, John Paul Jones, and

Zack Contla

Husband, father, aspiring guitarist. Picked up my first guitar at 10, and played sparsely to my regret. Trying to learn the basics and have fun

Helena Momo

Born in Los Angeles, CA.

Currently reside in Japan.

18years old.

Been playing guitar for 4 years.

Richard O'connor

28 years old. Birmingham, England. Been playing for 21 years.

Nicole Villarruel

Guitarist // Ecuadorian // Feminist // Metalhead

Dima Chekurda

I'm Dima, I play in a "Tak'i'Da" band from Dnipro City, Ukraine. I've been playing guitar for five years and i self-taught so i looking

Noah Rhodes

I'm 21 and I love the guitar as well as Avenged Sevenfold, Animals as Leaders, The Aristocrats, Eminem, Biffy Clyro, Disturbed and Chon to name

Frederico Lavrador

Just a beginner that enjoys hard rock

Sayeed Hasan

Want to explore the whole fretboard.

Vinicius Fernandes

Started practicing in 2016, i use a LTD Eclipse 1000 and my favorite genres are metal/rock

Grayson McCune

Self taught ( lots of YouTube) 5 years practice, love my Schecter Syn Custom-S and Marshall, get my motivation from Syn

Zakk Zahariev

Guitar Player who pursues an Audio Engineering Education. Looking to become very good in both as I want to contribute to many musical projects in

Bernardo Seibert

15 Years Old, just started learning guitar, and trying to improve my habilities.

Allan Mori

Computer Science and Guitar Enthusiast

Jacob Rash

soon-to-be YouTube cover guitarist.

Jarrett H

Self taught for 3 years. Figured it's time I learn some theory.

Tre Savedge

Just a former Marine trying the shred his way through life.

Laura Dee

A Telecaster is a girl's best friend.....

Byron Hidalgo

Just a guy who likes to play and learn guitar 🙂

Ross Martínez

19. Doing my best.

Michael Reynolds

guitarist from the rez

Jarred Noble

If you are reading this, I'm probably looking at dank memes

Gabriel Corso

Hello there!
My name is Gabriel and I am an aspiring musician from Brazil.

Will Turner

Hey. I’m Will. I'm 15 years old. I enjoy a variety of Rock / Metal music along with some Pre-2000's Rap. I have 1 electric

John Sarabia

Hello! I’m John. A 16 year old guitarist from Cincinnati, OH. I’ve been playing for about 4 years and love Avenged.

Alex Knox

Weird person who tries to learn too much at once.

Jose enrique Leon perez

I've been playing guitar for 2 years, which is not enough, but I want to learn new techniques, scales and new methods to play this

Corey Mineard

Blues enthusiast from behind the cheddar curtain. I have lived in Wisconsin most of my life, playing bars and clubs since the early 1990s.

Jay Farish

18 Years Old, UK 🇬🇧
I’ve played guitar on and off for years but really want to get serious with it, so where better

Ian Stuart

Hi I'm Ian!

I'm 25 from the UK and love to noodle on my axe!

Lewis Parker

drummer by nature wanna learn something new

Wes Summers

I’m Wes. 10 years ago I just wanted to be a good guitarist. Since discovering Syn, playing and learning has became a passion. I’ve been

John Meade

Lead Guitraist/Vocalist in Mousaleum and a Huge Avenged SevenFold and Synister Gates Fan.
Waiiiiit I also like some JackDaniels Black.

Jose Suero

DREAM to be a great guitarist and musician
"play clean , fast and melodic"
"Don't be good , BE

Mikey Anglin

Drummer for many years. Guitar player for 2.

Colby Brotherton

Just a Army soldier with a passion for guitar and music

Riki Isaksson

A 20 year old who loves music, sports and science

Brandon Ortiz

There is nothing more majestic than a 21 year old ladboi playing guitar on his parent's roof.

Zave Demonte

Hey, I'm Zave Demonte and I'm the lead guitarist in the band Kerbera.

Eva Den Hartog

I just love making music!

Magnus Christiansen

I am a 23 year old man from Grimstad in Norway.
I play guitar in Progressive Grunge band Underwing - Check us out

Adam Macino

Late 20s, never had a lesson in my life, looking to learn more. A7X and their music have been a major influences for writing, both

Hayley Frederick

22 | Jersey | Beginnger

Jennifer Bamer

#as you can see i love A7X

Justin Doucette

Hey guys I'm a 21 year old guitarist from PEI Canada!! 🤘🏼🤘🏼

Andres Pierce

From Canada, eh. Influences: Dimebag, Petrucci, Rhoads, Friedman, Gates m/

Follow me and my band on Insta:

Angela Grant

Musicians Institute graduate, UCLA Film Scoring program graduate. Former guitar instructor at School of Rock and Guitar Center Studios. Here to grab and share riffs

Philip Dirion

I love just bang'n out some rhythm on my guitar, but with Syn & Papa creating this school I hope to learn more then just

Giuseppe Pianese

Guitarist for 10 years, italian living in Germany.
Fender lover
Grateful for this community! :)

Craig Boyer

-I'm a born and raised metal head
-Been playing guitar for 4 years
-Die hard Avenged Sevenfold fan

Lars Olsen

I'm a 22 year old Metalhead from Norway with a great love and respect for different genres and i try to incorporate that as much

Seth Gillespey

From Illinois
I like playing sports and the guitar
Also love my dog named Molina bc she a dawg

Guilhobel Freitas

Who I am? well I'm:
* Actor 🎭
* Graphic designer 📝
* Photographer 📷
* Guitar player 🎸

Javier Lepe

Chilean guitarrist
Avenged Sevenfold fan
Vocalist in a band called "Hopeless Forest"
Schecter C-6 Deluxe (Upgrated)
Coxx 80w Amp

Will Carriker

Playing guitar is my life, Syn is my hero and biggest influence. Always trying to come up with new crazy licks and riffs.. super stoked

Jakub Valerian

Guitarist, bassist, beginner drummer and singer

Maxiston 666

Your frontline

EJ Robledo

I'm a really devoted DEATHBAT/METALHEAD!
R.I.P. Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan

Noah Berends

20 y/o, guitarist of 8, studying Film & Media at Calvin College. I have a passion for playing, and sometimes I record that passion. Looking

Lisa Marie Lord

Hey! I'm Lisa, 41 and from the UK. I'm a complete guitar novice, but really excited to learn from the best!

Daniel Jewell

26, been playing guitar for over 10 yrs, but don't feel like I'm improving now. I write hard rock and pop punk riffs, n play

Nathan Conte

Hiya! I'm a 17-year-old born and raised in Los Angeles. I've been playing for about a year and a half now. Syn, Dave Grohl, and

Mark Pabst

Based in Southern California. Looking for people to Jam with.

David Enault de Courval

Hi, My name is David, I'm 16 and I live in Montreal, Canada. I play guitar since I'm 8 and I'll be glad to help

Marina Rojas

Multimedia student. A beginner guitarist. Experienced with woodwinds and piano. My other hobbies include, traditional art and video games.

Federica Cortegoso

Civil Engineering Student. Tennis Player. Amateur Photographer and Guitarist. Nature Lover. A7X->favorite band ever.

Jared Martin

I like food, girls, beer, and wine.
My band is called Trash.... I mean Thrash
My drummer is 4'10"

Sabina Skłodowska

Procrastinating in becoming the shredder I've always dreamed of being.

[insert some super interesting & smart further description here]

Sam Desjardins

Intermediate level guitarist, been playing casually for years. Syn is my favorite guitarist and my objective is to be able to play his crazy solos

Jose Araya

Chilean, 22 years, I love the music, I'm Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist. :) lml

Jake Arnold

From Traverse City, Michigan.
Lefty! Self taught... Until now. 🙂

Georgi Angelov

Bulgarian living in London, huge fan of music (especially Avenged Sevenfold), playing guitar and drums.

Andrew Fernandes

I would say I am beginner-intermediate or intermediate-beginner I'm on the verge of intermediate I hope

Dominic Bonacorsi

I've been practicing guitar for 4 years and I am working on writing and building a band. My favorite bands are Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Trivium

Paola Viesca

I still have a loooong way to go

Ed Seith

Old guys can still rock. Always taking questions about AxeFX modelers and the Syn Cab Pack, computers in music, maintaining and servicing your guitars, etc

Chris Robertson

Rock, blues, 80s hair metal mostly. Getting back to where I have time to consistently practice. Got my first guitar in 1984 (wow, I'm getting

Andrew Antonucci

Lead guitarist in Rhode Island based band - The Mighty Fall.

Previous bands include:
Behind The Silence
Shadow of a Doubt

Stephen Angus

Just a speck in the spectrum


20 years old guitarist, learning electric guitar since I'm 14.

Michael Bradley

18, Self taught guitarist from England
Passion for Metal Music
Also a drummer and had drum lessons for over 10 years

Bruno Engeler

Just a fckd up little, tryhard wannabe rock n roll nerd.

Luminous Dark

Just a guitarist trying to spread the love of music while doing my best to teach others the guitar riffs and solos that inspire me

Akhmad Ghazali

Just a guitar player that still learning over and over..

check out my Death Metal Band here https:// Derek Ray

Young guitar player who likes to kick @$$... you might recognize me from the pictures on your girlfriend's phone.

Pangestu Adji

Im a musician . i love traveling im an artist

Avenged Sevenfold Italia

Hello everyone!
We are the italian community dedicated to A7X since 2006 ✌ if you're italian enjoy the family.

Rogue Bedford

Sup famalam, deathbat nation and otherwise! I play bass, yes. bass...get used to it, looking forward to what I'm gonna do here? GOOD!! Cause

Edoardo Tiozzo

I'm an Italian guitarist from a small town close to venice called Chioggia.
I like to play different style of guitar from rock

Jordan Collins

Hey! My name is Jordan and I am a guitarist and producer out of Boston, MA. Super grateful that Syn and his Dad launched this

Joe Juliano

I’ve been playing guitar since October 2005 at 8 years old. I write and record songs and play all the instruments. I like to play

Mike Eischen

I've played guitar for many years and syn is my biggest inspiration so I joined just to learn more from him!! foREVer!!

Kimberly Kelly

Started listening to A7X in 2003. The first time I heard Syn play I was blown away and wanted to learn. After all these years

Ekrem Taha Ünlü

22 years old lead guitarist.
I'm using Schecter Omen Extreme 6 and Zoom g5n.

Shane Rosczewski

I’m 17, I have played on stage with a famous band (Jasta) and I love playing guitar! I’ve been told I’m one of the best

Caden Early

16 years old Orange County CA

Larisa Ramirez

Larisa. 25. Music love. Hockey addict. Novice guitar player, experienced musician.



Dennis Radigan Sr.

Self taught metal guitarist with 34 Years experience... trying to expand my skills..

Ruby VB

I am Ruby VB ^^, lead guitar of the chilean band Prohibido.
I invite you to listen a bit of our music 😀

Zander Lowe

From metal, to jazz music, my playing style has no limits. I'm always excited to learn new music no matter what genre! Rock on!

Nicola Marucci

Guitarist from Foggia, Italy
Equipment: Schecter Syn Gates Custom-S BLK/GLD

Art Kalenda

I am a home studio player from New York,i use to play in many cover bands and just decided to play at home for

Sondre Nordjore

Norwegian guy, hobby guitarist who feels he has reached his peak and struggles to get better.

Stefi Marcu

13 yo Syner from Romania. Guitar player at Revolver. In love with my guitar.

Reno Beaulieu

I love Avenged Sevenfold. I love playin their music on my guitar. I like singing too. That is all

Jesus Perea

self taught guitarrist, enjoys playing melodic riffs and solos, awell as mixing other genres with rock

Shayan Dia

I am Shayan From Iran & I am 26. I LOVE Music & Ofcourse Guitar. It's Been Almost 10 Years That I've Started Playing Guitar

Brock King

Synyster Gates if you're reading this pls let me know

Joel Zhindon

Guitar lead
Marketing Digital

Jak Angelescu

Momma said knock you out🎵🎸

Luis Alberto Escobar Robledo

Music is my savior, as it helps me go through the day without losing my mind.

Truman Young

The devil made me do it.

Cody Sauser

Ohio based guitarist with 3 years of on and off experience and a whole lotta time to kill so lets get to work!

Faith Mutte

Hello! My name is Faith. I am native american from Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico.

Mateo A.

I've been playing* for six years but started really taking this seriously a few ones ago. Currently trying to learn how to play the right

Tristen Becci

Favorite Guitarists;
Synyster Gates
Zacky Vengence
Dimebag Derrel
Kirk Hammet
Tony Iommi
Randy Rhodes

Tomas Gonzalez

Just picked up guitar in 2017.

Josh Arnold

29 year old guitarist from Jackson MS. I like to play guitars and pet dogs.

Tomasz Szcześniak

I play electric guitar since 2015 and create songs just for fun 🎸🤘

Michael Cheek

Been playing guitar since 2007. Studied in college for 1 year. Constantly writing and recording songs and ideas but never completing them

Dominik Gräber

21, playing since 2015. Into Metal and Hardrock m/

Tuanku Bijan

Form Sabah , Malaysia
#Sabah #Borneo

Luka Domazet

18 years old from Croatia. Been playing for 4-5 years.


Your neighbour.

Thomas Ranner

Concert lover, concert photographer and guitar newbie.

Ids Schiere

Been playing guitar since I was 14. Live in Groningen and I study applied physics in uni

Tim Hutchins

Tim,24,Concord, NH. I'm looking to collaborate with musicians equally as passionate about music and devoted to their craft. Willing/looking to relocate for the

Simão Coelho

Been playing guitar since 2013, the year I first listened to Avenged Sevenfold. My favorite style is metalcore, with bands like Architects, Parkway Drive and

Stella Gole

hello! I just love playing the guitar...

Ryunosuke Takahashi

29 years old from Japan and have been playing the guitar since 14.
After years of playing in my own band and having

Franck Jonas

Wolfy from France.

Dion Stens

play the gootor err day