Brian Haner Sr.

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Sayonil Mitra

Trying to be a better guitarist while you are reading this...

Calvin Phillips

Been playing on and off for 10 years. I write my own material.

Filip Tomiša

21 years old, been playing guitar for 5 years, also i'm studying audio engineering.
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Ids Schiere

Been playing guitar since I was 14. Live in Groningen and I study applied physics in uni

Noah Rhodes

I'm 21 and I love the guitar as well as Avenged Sevenfold, Animals as Leaders, The Aristocrats, Eminem, Biffy Clyro, Disturbed and Chon to name

Lenore M

I like to shred, write music, and play in my band: Underage Thinking. I am Lenore The Shredder on Instagram, but I can't make the

Jak Angelescu

Momma said knock you out🎵🎸

Hector Trejo

Sticks and stones may break my bones but strings on wood excites me

Chris Robertson

Rock, blues, 80s hair metal mostly. Getting back to where I have time to consistently practice. Got my first guitar in 1984 (wow, I'm getting

Kimberly Kelly

Started listening to A7X in 2003. The first time I heard Syn play I was blown away and wanted to learn. After all these years

Ed Seith

Old guys can still rock. Always taking questions about AxeFX modelers and the Syn Cab Pack, computers in music, maintaining and servicing your guitars, etc

Sven Godstrength

The essence of music is to learn how to hear its notes.

Corey Richardson

Chicago-based guitarist

Logan Dumont

Guitarist for Iron Maiden Tribute Maiden USA. I play Metal, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Classical, Blues, and Rockabilly.

Alfie Friolo

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Brent Haner

I’ve only ever held a guitar, never played one. I’m a drummer at heart but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn with this school

RIck Beato

I am a multi-instrumentalist and YouTuber.

Tristan Heinicke

Guitarist and Composer from Los Angeles California

Jeff Pogan

shred shred shred
I riff for Suicidal Tendencies and have an addiction to shredding

Syn Gates

Just a guy who likes to party

Patrick Vlaskovits

Founder, 2x NYT bestselling author.