Richard O'connor

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Dylan Luna

My name is Dylan. I am 12 years old. Syn and Sevenfold set me on this path. Now I am the lead guitarist for a

Sayonil Mitra

Trying to be a better guitarist while you are reading this...

Terry Haner

Hi everyone, I'm an amateur guitarist from the Czech Republic (Europe)

Calum Caughey

23 year old Guitarist from Northern Ireland, I just enjoy playing and looking forward to meeting other musicians :)!

Julian Barton

I have been playing guitar for 6 years and I love all music! My favorite band happens to be Avenged Sevenfold but I love playing

Makar Kotlov

Hi there! I'm a metal guitar player/songwriter from Russia with love!

Jak Angelescu

Momma said knock you out🎵🎸

John Tierney

Playing with a more serious mindset for 2 years. Really wanting to bounce ideas off everyone and eager to learn

Andrew Fernandes

I would say I am beginner-intermediate or intermediate-beginner I'm on the verge of intermediate I hope

Tim Hutchins

Tim,24,Concord, NH. I'm looking to collaborate with musicians equally as passionate about music and devoted to their craft. Willing/looking to relocate for the

TheMighty Jambi

Drinking, Jamming, Jamming and Drinking

Dennis Radigan Sr.

Self taught metal guitarist with 34 Years experience... trying to expand my skills..

Maisie Watson

My instrument is actually drums (the instrument I am going to pursue). I'm playing guitar to song write&for fun!If you're from the Midlands in