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Matt Wildman

I've been playing for the past 4 years. Lead guitarist of Infinite Contention 🤘🏼. Hoosier

Daniel Bernard

I never know what to say here... Maybe that says alot about me

Jake Arnold

From Traverse City, Michigan.
Lefty! Self taught... Until now. 🙂

Ids Schiere

Been playing guitar since I was 14. Live in Groningen and I study applied physics in uni

Sayonil Mitra

Trying to be a better guitarist while you are reading this...

Jak Angelescu

Momma said knock you out🎵🎸

Brent Haner

I’ve only ever held a guitar, never played one. I’m a drummer at heart but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn with this school

Brian Haner Sr.

I'm drinking while you read this.

Syn Gates

Just a guy who likes to party

Pallavi Rao

Designer from Toronto.