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Luminous Dark

Just a guitarist trying to spread the love of music while doing my best to teach others the guitar riffs and solos that inspire me

Richard O'connor

27 years old. Birmingham, England. Been playing for 20 years.

Hunter Powers

Currently looking for new band mates here in the beautiful Vancouver Washington.

Davey Oberlin

Live keyboard player for Korn.
Former touring guitar player for Winds Of Plague.

Martin Ronning

22 year old YouTube guitarist from Norway.
Been playing guitar for about seven years, mostly self-taught but with a few lessons here and

Hector Trejo

20 year old guitarist! Dream is to one day play with Synyster Gates himself! Currently studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at San

Valtteri Lamminen

A 21 year old guitarist from Finland

Seth Summit

Avenged Sevenfold fan. Guitarist

Caden Early

16 years old Orange County CA

Art Kalenda

I am a home studio player from New York,i use to play in many cover bands and just decided to play at home for

Brent Haner

I’ve only ever held a guitar, never played one. I’m a drummer at heart but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn with this school

Ryan Athey

Musician out of Huntington Beach, CA (Yes..one and the same) Sharing some techniques i've cultivated ripping off my favorite musicians. Follow my Instagram

Maisie Watson

My instrument is actually drums (the instrument I am going to pursue). I'm playing guitar to song write&for fun!If you're

Joe Giumarello

Guitarist: Schecter Hellraiser FRS, Gibson Les Paul Studio w/ vintage PAF, Peavey 6505 mh, Orange PPC112
If you have any questions feel free to

Syn Gates

Just a guy who likes to party

Alejandro Herrera

I'm 21 , Guitarist, Music Production & Business Student, Technology & Science Lover 🇲🇽 🇨🇦

Ids Schiere

Playing guitar for 8 years. I have a band called 'De Rechtszaak'. Live in Groningen. I study applied physics

Ryan LaRose

Started playing guitar because of A7X. I’ve been playing for 12 years and now been studying audio engineering and producing music for the last 4

Chris Robin Schot

I'm a guitarist living in Bergen, Norway which has a huge impact on of Synyster and Slash. I been playing guitar for 11-12 years

Brian Haner Sr.

I'm drinking while you read this.

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