Ted Hoffman

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Joshua Ellis

I'm from Indianapolis, Indiana, a beginner guitarist, a huge fan of Syn and A7X, a father of a beautiful little girl, and the lead singer

Eva Den Hartog

I just love making music!

TheMighty Jambi

Drinking, Jamming, Jamming and Drinking

Michael McDonald

Guitarist for E57 from Scranton, PA, USA.
Thank you so much for checking out my videos! Let’s make some music together!

Franzi Scholz

My name is Franzi,I'm 18 years old and I'm a student from Germany. I sing in a choir and my dream is to be

Brian Haner Sr.

I'm drinking while you read this.

Stephen Ross

Looking to learn economy picking and improve speed and accuracy

Jake Young

18 years of dedication to the guitar..Long time guitar tech for Bobaflex..I also love KFC