D Major Jam
Hey guys. So I haven't posted here in a while, and I'm going to tell you why. I lost motivation. And this wasn't the typical "Eh, I don't feel like playing right now". I was in a rut. My dream/goal is to be a professional musician. To be part of a successful band and write amazing music that makes people headbang and cry and have fun. Well, I've become increasingly aware that while I have been practicing for the past year on the school, I was doing a couple of things wrong. 1. I haven't been taking any tangible action towards actually writing music. So now that I'm starting to, I'm writing cliche stuff and find myself stuck in dead ends. 2. Despite being on the school for over a year, I had to swallow the giant, shit-flavored pill that I rushed through the content. I treated it as a race, trying to get to the end as fast as possible. Obviously, that didn't do much for me. I still learned a good amount, but I had to admit to myself that my impatience got the better of me. (Cont. below)
There is so much that Bill has taught me. And there is one amazing thing that finally sank in; actually a couple of them, that I can't wait to share with you. First thing is the chord training where I had to find chords knowing the notes. Then I had to improvise over the chords using those shapes. Then I wrote a little riff. The end is me STILL struggling doing the scales up and down the neck. I left my mistakes in. I slow down to try to find myself😂😂
I learned a little bit more! I don't think anyone knows how hard I rock this song. When I listen to this song, so do the neighbor's cows😂 Bill starts the solo section tomorrow!
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Basically I didn't enjoy playing this that much because it's too much of a collection of licks and patterns to me and too little hints to a melodic idea and hence it's a bit sloppy(especy in the beginning) but @[7809:@Jesse Salmons] challenged me to learn it and I said I would so here it is.
For those of you who don't know, I have been taking lessons privately from a guitarist whose band I've become obsessed with. I've been very honored that he s...
There's suprisingly little in terms of harmony in this song but it's a really cool song nonetheless. I think In doing angels next week and there's a poll for the week after that up as well.
Practicing the solo for Enter Sandman by Metallica. Using a Fender Player Strat, Dunlop CAE MC404 wah pedal, Ibanez TS-9, TC Electronics Sentry noise gate in...
0 Likes, 0 Comments - No Centz (@no_centz) on Instagram: “#wearedavidclark #theghostinside #nocentz #improv73 #syngates.com #davidclark” Unfortunately the computer lagged as you hear in the metronome. So you wont get a YouTube mix for 73.
Messing around with a fingerstyle arrangement of a tune from the film 'Stuart Little' that would make a grown man cry 😭
I posted this etude a month or two back but I wanted to repost with another picking angle and a much cleaner and more effortless take.
The analysis for Norwegian wood. This is such an awesome song and appears simple but there's a very sneaky modal change
Afterlife attempt
My attempt on the afterlife verse and prechorus also trying out my new syn custom which im lovin it and at this point im trying to figure out what song i want to learn all the way through but i cant make up my mind
Challenge progress video KSE - Holy Diver
This is the solo part from a challenge, I wanted to play the whole song so I haven't uploaded it yet. I tried out a different fingering and felt pretty good about this. There's still a lot to improve but it's only ~30 bpm slower than the actual speed.