Hello friends, this is my first post on this forum and also my first time recording a cover. I'm still very much a beginner and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
I do not own this song and all rights go to Avenged Sevenfold. My attempt at Blinded In Chains. Open to criticism!
It's no Red Special and I'm no Brian May, but I think it's turned out ok anyway.
Late night, anxiety in full swing for no reason, so some unplugged practice just trying to keep up and get the fingering as close as I can anyway. Not perfec...
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I wrote down d major pentatonics for this one. Try a few different ideas. The usual spider climb and later on I do some 3 string pentatonics. The rest is usual caged and I added the am6 in there too. Some sloppy parts as this is one scale i have not got fully down.
Ids tired, I'm late but here is the Gravity analysis including some off key singing. You can still vote for the one I'm doing this week here: https://syngates.com/threads/harmony-songwriting-lessons-poll-9.3253/
Haven’t posted in awhile. This is still a work in progress, I’ve been working on this for the past week. I’ve been trying to get better with my hammer on’s as well as palm muting. I’ve been doing exercises in lesson 18 and 22 and It’s definitely helping! I just wanted to share my progress with you guys ! I’m going to continue working on this and eventually try it with a backing track 😧 I might even put some actual clothes on 😂
Seize the Day solo!
I messed up a couple of times bc i havent played it in a while! Hope ya’ll like it!
My progress on chapter four its not the best whatsoever but i tried... @avengedsevenfold  @synystergates . . . . . #synystergates…”
This is what ive been working on for the last couple months i was nervous as hell to post cause ive never posted myself playing guitar on anything but i decided i need to come out of my shell.
Did something different this time and used 3 different guitars. At the end is my new guitar I bought on Saturday. They all sound great.
Here's the analysis of the harmony in buried Alive You can vote for the one I'm doing this week here https://syngates.com/threads/harmony-songwriting-lesson-poll-8.3205/
Recorded once and the camera was terrible so I tried again. Did a 2nd take and that shot was no better. So I just did the audio for you.
My remake of the cover I did about 2 years ago! Definitely one of the most beautiful solos ever created... Synyster Gates foREVer!!! Guitar: Schecter Synyste...
new on the hunt cover with backing track!
re-did this after practicing for like 2 weeks and felt so much better! Hope you like it!
It's a bit late but here it is. I'm doing Buried Alive tonight too
Picking advice on Adrian Smith’s solo from “The Trooper”. What’s the best way to pick progressively faster licks? I show how I do it but they’re may be an easier or better way. Up for any advice and help to get up to speed.