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Here is the guitar solo from my song "Repaying Evil With Evil". Hope you guys love it, it's a good one. Thanks to Synyster Gates and Papa Gates for their very good guitar lessons. I learned so much in a short period of time.
This is a Cover and an instructional video of the Solo in Hotel california. Comment if you have any questions :)
Learned two new things, super proud of how quick I've picked them up! Going over a blues scale and then using it for the intro (??) of Jump! Of course needs work and a metronome to help me get the timing right, but it's just so cool to have another lick to work on!
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Decided I wanted to post a video today! I’ve been playing this song for about 2 or 3 years and decided why not post a video of it here! Enjoy!!
✝️AVENGED SEVENFOLD --- Acid Rain (solo cover)✝️ ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ ⬇️GEAR USED😃🤘🎸 🎸Synyster Gates Autographed Guitar Satin Goldburst Custom S with Sustainiac and Sche...
I wanted to learn how to play this song as a metal minute for a long time and signed I'm finay getting back to working through my list I figured I'd learn it real quick
This is a Guitar cover and an instructional video of the solo in Crazy train (solo by Randy Rhoades). Comment if you have any questions :)
I posted this song here 6 months ago. I decided to try back again to track my progress since then. Thanks to the feedback I’ve been getting on my videos from friends like @[477:@Ids Schiere] , @[1427:@Ed Seith] , @[3987:@Dominik Gräber] , and others I’ve been working on bends and vibrato and compared with 6 months ago I can proudly say there’s been some progress. Thank you all for your valuable help ❤️❤️❤️
it's pretty much the same thing all the way through, had a slow start after setting up the camera. Probably not new, but the right hand part is and the walking parts. Arms have been hurting and feeling on the weak side lately, trying to rest. Been practicing this keyboard I got, it's really cool, liking it.
Shepherd Of Fire - A7X solo (its sloppy)
Yeah, this is one of the reasons I came here was to improve on my technique, it's definitely not the best. But I liked this.
Afterlife and M.I.A. are child‘s play compared to this... A lot of crazy economy picking lines, I love it! 😁 Instagram: simoneichingerx
I was just randomly looking for stuff to learn for my level and found this. I've heard it before, but I got no idea where from. It sounds like some Medieval Times stuff to me, like Castle music. Thought maybe not many heard it before. I used this tab if it's ok to link it. It's my 2nd favorite Guitar site now, I couldn't go HAM, cause the time. I messed around with it for about 5 minutes more, some of the notes can be Hammered-on and Pulled-off, it's pretty cool. The spots I found felt natural with the progression, if I tried to name the Chord Shapes it would be: A Minor, G something, A Minor, E Major, C add something. I think those are the base chords and a few Embellishments. I hope you like the Song, I was sight reading it.
Hammer to Fall
I learned the riff to Hammer to Fall and it's an awesome fun riff to play really
This is a cover and instructional video of the Solo in the song seize the day by Avenged Sevenfold. Comment if you have any questions :)
Nightmare solo

Nightmare solo

After months of practicing this solo non stop i finally got it down to a decent playing standard im still having a little trouble with that little sweep section and that run after the trem part though.
Clairvoyant disease solo 2nd attempt
I think im getting the hang of this solo, so far i'm happy with the way it turned out now I just need a wah pedal
Literally 20 minutes ago I got the sudden urge to make a video and decided I wanted to play a green day song! So I literally learned this song in 10 mins and did this video lol I decided on this song cuz I find it so catchy and wanted to do a song most people wouldn’t know. Enjoy!!!
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