Megadeth: Captive Honour - Guitar Cover
Original Music by Megadeth
gminorsus2 and gminor. I tried to alter the scale for the sus when I could, half way I changed the rhythm to basically be two versions of the sus2 chord. I'm gonna start experimenting with these chords. I think they can create some interesting progressions when played vertical.
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Paradigm-harmony analysis
Here is the analysis for paradigm. If you have any questions/remarks or corrections please comment on it


rhythm of this song came together pretty easily. the lead took some time.. the octave melody i had right away for the chorus, the intro I changed 3 times cause i wasnt happy. the solo is sloppy but i only recorded one take of it all so I knew what I was gonna do with it later on.
Sweep picking I backingtrack soloing
I wrote two little solos over the backingtrack did a little new Arpeggios sequence and played the etude. The higher I go on my strat the more fast stuff becomes unpleasant to play, especially the 20th fret doesn't work so well which sucks because I'm using it quite a bit in this one.
Avenged Sevenfold 2020 Style Backing Track
Heavily influenced by City of Evil, Self Titled, Nightmare and Hail To The King album. Enjoy it! You can use it for guitar or vocal practice.
Fade to black

Fade to black

Fade to black outro solo
Roman sky- second solo
Avenged sevenfold
Roman sky- clean solo
Avenged sevenfold
This I love

This I love

Guns n roses
Set Me Free - Avenged Sevenfold | Solo Cover
Oh hell no... Another Set Me Free Cover..
Black magic woman improv
I did an improv over black magic woman
Megadeth: Ashes in Your Mouth - Guitar Cover
I liked learning this one enough that I'm going to consider this a rough draft. In the coming days I'll clean it up another 10% and put some production on it through ProTools
Game of Thrones Theme Metal Cover
Hey guys! I made this metal arrangement over the Game of Thrones theme song. I'd really like to hear some feedback on it, good or bad I'd appreciate it.
Acid Rain - Analysis
My analysis of The Harmony in Acid Rain(and a little bit of Kazoo). If anything is unclear(or if I messed up somewhere) feel free to ask!
Gphydom then some gminor arpeggios. Trying to pick up speed.. I find the slower I play the more I'm tempted to pluck rather then sweep. I actually push the speed limits a few times near the end. They are getting better.
Work in progress
“I see fire” Trying something completely out of my element. It’s a work in progress. I’ve literally never played with clean tones and I suck at hammer on’s and pull offs but this song is def giving me some practice.