Demo of a song im writting and recording
hi guys this a demo of a song im doing on my home studio, it will be the opener track for my future EP, what do you think?
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Check out my new song with tons of guitars!
Click here to see the full video :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPIZYNkElH4
Riff challenge: The Loner
I finally got around to this one, it's not perfect but it's sounds pretty cool nonetheless
blues4. I stayed mostly in blues which wasnt the original plan. But sorta just fit the situation. Next I'll be doing minor blues.
Handmade AC / DC armguard for archery
I hope I don't start to annoy people with these things. But every now and then I get to do a music related leather project and I am always really excited to work on those. So how do you like it? Also, I made two guitar straps, should I share them with you too? Or leave the riff section for RIFFS??
Hail to the King -rhythm (Synyster Gates School)
My first attempt at any A7X 😦 Not perfect. Issues with staying in tune. Captain Ed and Papa G came to the rescue and my takeaway was....tremolo bridges can be assholes 😂
gminr. Took a break from blues today. The lead tone is the blues lead tone with this guitar. First time using it and I love it.
Plini | Flanêur (Guitar Cover)
My fav song right now, metal yet so jazzy
Avenged Sevenfold Bat Country Demo
This is a trial video. Full videos about to come... SUBSCRIBE now and join with me...
Tapping II

Tapping II

Gotta train my pinkie more...
Following some positive comments and you guys loved my last song. I made another, check this out This is about a feeling of low on sadness.
blues4. Colour chords. Started with a7 here. And then I did what pg said go up half step leave flat 5. The chorus part is the exact opposite but as a different variation of the a7. The later ends up being the same chords as the verse. As for lead I slipped in tone scale melodic minor diminished vood
Tears Of An Angel - Marty Friedman (Cover)
That's me covering the song in the video
12/5 Look Alive!
This alternate picking lick has been kicking my patootie trying to keep it clean and in time! TABS on my FB Page! https://www.facebook.com/adamsheamusic/
Save Me - Avenged Sevenfold Guitar Cover (FULL) | 5000 Subscriber Special
Cover I did a few months ago! Let me know what you think! Currently working on something super awesome for you guys!!
blues3. There are so many ways to play these chords I figured I'd play around with them. Getting less and less clunkers in these chords. Which is something I couldn't do a year ago. I also stuck to 2 chords for most of this. There is one part where I try to play the voodoo scale but it's ok.
Sublime: Santeria - Solo Cover
Something mellow
Man in the Box Guitar Solo
Extended solo is the “Architecture of Aggression” solo, 1 whole step down. It fits perfect over the chords.
Avenged Sevenfold Style Backing Track in Db minor
Made this last september, the writing was heavily influenced from The Stage (2016) album.