Fergie: Fergalicious - Guitar Cover
"Put them boys on rock rock..."
Recorded once and the camera was terrible so I tried again. Did a 2nd take and that shot was no better. So I just did the audio for you.
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So Far Away - Avenged Sevenfold (Solo Cover)
My remake of the cover I did about 2 years ago! Definitely one of the most beautiful solos ever created... Synyster Gates foREVer!!! Guitar: Schecter Synyste...
new on the hunt cover with backing track!
re-did this after practicing for like 2 weeks and felt so much better! Hope you like it!
Thrill is gone-Analysis
It's a bit late but here it is. I'm doing Buried Alive tonight too
Beast mode.
Sweep Pick Original Etude
I used one of Syn's backing tracks
The Stage solo cover
The Stage by avenged sevenfold first solo cover
Adrian Smith The Trooper solo
Picking advice on Adrian Smith’s solo from “The Trooper”. What’s the best way to pick progressively faster licks? I show how I do it but they’re may be an easier or better way. Up for any advice and help to get up to speed.
Avenged Sevenfold - Set Me Free Guitar Solo Cover
The track, which was originally recorded for 2013's "Hail to the King" album, now include on the streaming version of "Diamonds in the Rough" (CD version released in 2008) which is released on February 7. Have fun 🤘🏽
This one starts out ok. But gets so much better as it goes.
Simple Man solo cover
UPDATE: As promised, I did this to a backing track after some more practice. Simple Man solo with backing track. The backing track is the bass and drum recording from the original album recording.
The Trooper by Iron Maiden solos
Weekend project. CAUTION: UNDER CONSTRUCTION-both solos from “The Trooper” by the mighty #IronMaiden, missed/extra notes, bad timing and all. #practice #guit...
At first..I thought I was flatting the 3rd and raising it. Then realized it was actually the 5th. So when I did the lead I didnt go as far as I wanted to.. I stayed around the notes from the chord. The 2nd half is all gminor over top the harmonics. Basically having fun pushing my sweeps.
This Means War - A7X
Rhythm guitar cover, manage to flub the HOPO part a few times. DOH!
Slow Blues Jam - Em
Stepping out of my comfort zone and trying some lead improv. Usually not something I dip into very often, mainly due to lack of scale knowledge, but the only way to getter better is by doing. Hope you enjoy it. Backing track - https://youtu.be/I7LmHILR9AQ
Gypsy jam II
I'm getting a bit more comfortable with the floating wrist so the backingtracks are a bit faster. Sweeping can still be A bit tricky since I can't mute strings with my picking hand anymore.
Polythene pam - Harmony analysis
My analysis for polythene Pam from one of the medleys on Abbey Road.
Buried alive solo!
definitely a 2 year old video but ive never posted an avenged solo on here! And im pretty sure i played a couple wrong arps in there but You live and learn right?
Avenged Sevenfold | Creating God (Guitar Cover)
My finger hurts played those bending
Working on Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd) solo
Started working on Simple Man solo today. I’ll upload a better video when my fingers aren’t ready to bleed and I can play it to tempo with a backing track lol.