C major scale all over the fretboard

Filip Tomiša

C major scale all over the fretboard

For years I've been trying to learn scales, music theory, intervals and all those stuff through youtube but all those (See more) tutorials didn't help at all because they we're all confusing to me and you needed to have some kind of knowledge to understand them. So I never really learned any of that (maybe just the basics of basics) and instead I was just focused on playing rather than knowing what I'm doing. Since the school launched I started watching lessons from the beginning even though I've been playing for 3 years because I wanted to finally start understanding all that stuff. So the last lesson that I watched was #23 CAGED system and I studied it for 2-3 days to really learn all the positions of chords across the neck. After doing that, somehow I just managed to play the C major scale across the neck without thinking too much where each note is on the neck. I think that's some kind of an accomplishment and thank you guys for that!

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Brian Haner Sr.
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Brian Haner Sr. Awesome! Love it!!!!

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