Create riff Syn Gates school (Sweep picking l 70% speed)

Pablo Medina

Create riff Syn Gates school (Sweep picking l 70% speed)

Hello community, this is my second video in this platform, It's sweep picking I from the syn's etudes section, (See more) I still can't play it at 100% speed, but I hope I can reach that speed soon, and of course with less mistakes.

Comments are welcome, See ya!

--Pablo Medina--

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Lucas Weiman
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Lucas Weiman Not bad! If you don't do it already, I would suggest paying attention to the few mistakes you made and spending a couple minutes on each one, (rather than practicing the entire phrase all the way through) practicing no more than 10 notes total at a time, play the first couple notes and then stop immediately on the note that you usually flub to see if you articulated it correctly, if your hands were in sync, are you relaxed and breathing regularly, etc if you do this over and over you will get more consistent faster. Good luck.
MNR Rezasa
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MNR Rezasa you can play the full speed in time dude!

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