I’ll see you in my dreams – Django Reinhardt cover

Andres Pierce

I’ll see you in my dreams – Django Reinhardt cover

GYPSY JAZZ recommendation. For those of you looking for some gypsy jazz to learn, this and minor swing are the (See more) ones id recommend to learn. Fell in love with this song the second i heard it and i HAD to learn it. Seemed impossible when i first started but if i can do it so can you! Very fun song to play although i had to adjust some notes because my fingers cant reach some spots on my acoustic. Hope you all enjoy! 🙂

Also, thanks to Ids for the advice on the picking i tried to take that into account as much as i could!

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Ids Schiere
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Ids Schiere Nice! I love this song! The tone came pretty close without actually having a Gitane
Andres Pierce
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Andres Pierce Thanks i had to try my best to imitate it i found picking by the bridge (or least trying to) helped recreate it a little 🙂

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