improv 23 (6 magic notes)

Calvin Phillips

improv 23 (6 magic notes)

Might be a little ahead of the gang here. But I took a look at lesson 10 earlier this week (See more) as I'm sure thats next up in our homework. And I was blown away. So I took a chord (g) and jammed a rhythm track to it quick. Then I took G and mapped it out on my fret board, and used our magic note pattern to find all the magic notes G has on the fretboard. I found 8 different areas where I can fully play all 6 notes in order, I'm sure there are others between them that also carry the notes but the main patterns are the 8 I found. And I also learned that these patterns can play in out of positions easily without any major transitions. You're usually in the same area of the fret board for most of the time. The best part here too is that the pattern follows for any chord not just G. THe pattern is always the same. So even though I'm in Drop C here the patterns remain the same. The only difference is my G is 7 on my low string where it'd be 3 for you.

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