My first original solo – Lost

Josh Wright

My first original solo – Lost

My vocalist/rhythm guitarist wrote a song about a recent break up titled lost, here is the solo I wrote for (See more) it. I messed up on one spot, for the legato part. Comments, critiques, and concerns are all welcome.

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Jak Angelescu
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Jak Angelescu Great job, Josh! It's got a very beautiful melody behind it. There are some things I'd like to point out. You rely heavily on your index and middle finger for soloing. There were some spots that would be a lot more fluid if you utilized different fingers. An example would be when you start getting up to the 15th fret at around 0:12 in. It looks like you keep sliding up using the index and middle finger and then you end up sliding back down again to do the 3 finger major scale pattern. I think if you utilized more fingers in that spot (of course unless you're deliberately wanting slides in there 🙂 ) it may be helpful for you to recognize when you can use other finger patterns. Also, I notice you bend and vibrato with only one finger. This is great to build finger strength individually, but don't be afraid to reinforce a bend or a vibrato with a finger on a fret behind the one you're trying to bend/vibrato. The reason is, is that as you advance as a player, you'll start doing more complicated licks and runs and your transitions into the bend/vibrato will be a lot more smoother if you practice it now 🙂 You're not going to want to lift the previous finger off just to bend with one finger. It'll also give you the strength and control to get a bend up there really quick when the speed starts to increase. Hope this was helpful 🙂 I can't wait to hear the song completed!
Josh Wright
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Josh Wright Thank you so much! I never really thought about the fingers I was using, I will definitely be paying more attention to that. Thanks for the advice, after i work on those things I'll post a video of the full song with the rhythm guitar due to lack of a way to record everything.

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