My solo just hit 100k Spotify streams today :)
Hey dudes here's another solo heavily influenced by Syn's Etude's. Im super stoked about this solo because this song from my band Acacia Ridge actually just hit 100,000 Spotify streams today! Anyways thanks as always to this awesome community!
La vie en rose Guitar Cover
Hey! I played rhythm and solo section! Enjoy!
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Skid Row: 18 and Life - Guitar Solo Cover
Learned this one while living 9-5 on Skid Row, working my fingers to the bone...
blues3. Fixed my scale in this one. I used the penatonics and slipped in a few es in there. Theres 2 or 3 times where I play the wrong scale over the chord. I'm gonna start trying to make more realistic chord progressions now. I'm starting to get positions down so I can start exploring more.
Crossroads improv
I tried to experiment with some stuff but that didn't always really work out but here's me improvising some blues
blues 2. I made a mistake when plotting down my scales for the pentatonic scales. Theres also a big mistake when I get to e. I have rewrote all my scales on paper and fixed all the issues. I'll show you a video of my cats if you can guess what I did wrong.
Syn Etude Alternate Picking I - 100% speed
i failed a bit the triplets part haha, finally im able to do it full speed, any tips or feedback? so i can improve and start with the sextuplets part! :)
blues drum track. It doesnt sound that blues though to me. But I tried to go between both scales as I went. Like to note the blues is the first time I've plugged this guitar into the pedalboard since getting the PC. May have to work on the tone a bit.
Panic! at the Disco: Casual Affair - Guitar Solo
Metal riff and solo I wrote over Panic’s Casual Affair.
Spin Doctors: Two Princes - Solo Cover
For the 90s kids.
Riff challenge Metallica - Now that we're dead
Quick upload with a few mistakes. I'll cover the full song someday.
Tapping I

Tapping I

Late Night Practicing. Did you practice today? I hope you did!
SYDEWYNDER - State Of War ( Official Music Video )
Hey guys, sorry I’ve been offline for a while but I’ve been getting my band going. This is our first video. Hope you enjoy. Metal From Nashville / TN , Thanks For Watching . SPOTIFY : https://open.spotify.com/album/7d13raVnRWdoHscv983WdY?si=FJUvLIB1Szig2AuBirL-_Q APPLE MUSIC : htt...
Old Town Road - Guitar Solo
Sometimes that Old Town Road takes a detour down Metal Ally. Some improv over the “Old Town Road” chords. Lots of Marty Friedman-ish ideas in there. He likes to bend that tri-tone b5 note up and it sounds really demonic when you descend to it. Just always bounce off and don’t linger on it.
Syn Etude alt picking I sixteenth 95% speed
here is my progress on the etude ! im almost at full speed tho (only at eights, eights triplets and sixteenths, still need to learn sixteenths sextuplets), but im still gonna work on 95% speed a little longer with some minor issues :) any tips ?
Fred intro

Fred intro

I did this as a metal minute a while ago. It's not perfect but Kind of ok I think. I'm not the biggest fan of Allan Holdsworth his lead playing(sorry about that Syn😅) but I absolutely love his chord voicings and chords he uses!
12 string
Ludo: Love Me Dead - Guitar Solo Cover
Who remembers Ludo?
No Doubt: Tragic Kingdom - Guitar Cover
This is their most metal song
Asking Alexandria - Not The American Average - Guitar Cover w/ EMOTIONAL SOLO by Steven Perrone
Remembering collage times...and try to enrich the middle bridge 😉