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Exams are over... finally! Now I can chill and play guitar the whole day. If it weren't so hot... 31 degrees (88 °F) in my room. Fuqn hell
Just a cover of seize the day solo by avenged sevenfold Ibanez prestige 5120m Neural DSP archetype Plini
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Tutorial for the outro solo of November rain. Or more like how to play the motif and how to bluff the rest.
Analysis of the harmony in November rain. It's kind of hard doing demonstrations for piano songs but I tried sometimes.
Update: a little more practice with the Crazy Train solo. 2nd video. Getting better but still having some trouble, especially with the ascending riff at the end. Odd angle for my hands to get there in time.
I thought I'll take @[3987:@Dominik Gräber] 's suggestion and go back to this first section. Started slow, fixed some bends and vibratos! feels smoother to me from the first video =) Let me know what you think!
Alright so here is my progress on this solo till now (my fever is finally gone :))). I feel really saturated as I've been doing this for hours now and can't really tell the difference in tempo anymore (sorry xD) I'm sure it's off at places, (it was okay a few hours ago, should've recorded then). As of now, I 'sorta know' the notes and am playing at 115BPM (the song is 138). Let me know what you think!
I’ve gotten to where I don’t like to post a lot due to my social anxiety, but my wife @[4668:@Alicia Willis] insisted, so here is my rough attempt at the Crazy Train solo.
day 1 of learning this solo, will keep posting the progress =) they are both first takes and def have mistakes, criticism is welcome! (hi pls help) Also, I use my phone as a metronome but since I was recording with that, it isn't in the vid xD
I was so confused by what @firsty lasty said to another student but I asked Bill for help and he clarified it for me and showed me what it means. This was so fucking cool! Let me know if I messed anything up!
Yes that bend in the intro is a bit sharp. Possibly there are more, tell me when you find them, I'd like to know 😅
This is my progress so far with the new NorthTale song :) I present it to Bill on Saturday and I decided to do it on my own to see if I could learn some things by ear with with what all he has taught me. I know the key signature, the chords and the scales being used (thanks Andrei!) . As always feedback is much appreciated! I also chose this song because there is a lot of arpeggio work, down strokes and bends throughout and those are all the things he wants me to work on.
Apologies if I sound really tired at the start XD So, the audio isn't the greatest because at parts my phone is louder than my guitar, and you can't see my hand for the last part of the intro, but here's improvement! While warming up today, I got really frustrated because I started picking up on and realising all my bad habits and how bad they really sound (Letting notes ring, poor muting, picking wrong, wrong notes, poor timing etc) but getting the ending of the intro right did bring me back up a bit, so there's that. Hoping to try and get this up to speed and try to sort my timing out, it's really kicking my backside!