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This will be the last song I highlight off this set of songs. I may select a couple from the first set but the song writing aspect will be different as theory isn't 100% in those songs. refer to comments for details.
Just a progress video for the syntster gates school. Not 100% perfect but happy with how it’s sounding!
I'm singing again and picked this song because I always sing along to it. At the end I try to push my voice a little more and I'm not entirely sure I'm happy with it really 😅
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Synner Sunday is all about FUN ! Let’s bring it back to what our Queen Cat/Mama Jak wanted ! 👍🏻 You won’t find perfection here, but you will find a good ole’ hot mess of fun! 🤗
a newer song that was written around the same time as my 2nd set of songs I have up on spotify. This one isn't there but will be when I release the next 10. This is the 2nd one I'm gonna hightlight as synner was the first. refer to comments for the details.
3rd song I'm high lighting and one of my favourites. refer to comments for description.
Who needs a sustainic pickup?! Anybody who wants to do like half the stuff there is to do. You can't play the beginning of this solo without a sustainic and the harmonic effects. Period.
This was another segment I tried to work into a compilation of my playing from last night. I accidently deleted the final video but still got the pieces. I'm not going to redo it Practicing/Learning new/old things
It's from last night, I'll do another video in VII days. Started this 3 days ago again, took a day off cause I cut my fingers. Last time I practiced this was last Oct. The best take is probably at 7:24
This is a 1 5 4 6 progression. I moved the position up to the top of the fretboard and used the major and minor arpeggios when I felt like it overtop the chords. Getting a bit more familiar with the changes in positioning with each chord. Although I really only find myself using 2 positions I'm also using the major relative minor in those same positions. I guess I could move them around more. I'm at a point where km ready for something more. I'm gonna start trying to use altered chords in between. Have any you wanna suggest (sus dim ect..).
2nd song im hightlighting off my 2nd set of songs I recently uploaded to spotify. This one is pretty simple and to the point. refer to comments to explanation and breakdown.


First off, meet fratboy Ids 🤣🤣🤣 Secondly, we all want to be rockstars, isn't it @[3987:@Dominik Gräber], so I figured I'd learn this song. I forgot/messed up some of the lyrics but ooh well 😅
Playing around with my new Epiphone SG, a little Acca Dacca seemed appropriate. A little rough, I only learned this today.
Can't play an SG and not throw down a few of Iommi's finest! Excuse the screw ups at the start 😆
this was recorded moments after jak posted her post last night. the inspiration she created is never ending.
Sooo, I just bought a used Axe FX II and I'm really liking it so far. I tried my best to replicate Petruccinator's 2003-ish tone! Axe FX users, feel free to give me some tips... :D And that's definitely the most ridiculous solo I know, if you really wanna put your alternate picking speed and endurance to the test, give it a try...
Creeping Death-Metallica full speed
Havent posted in a minute, so this is for those who dont follow me on instagram. Creeping death, Full speed! Worked on this for a while, to a metronome, god it was terrible. Paid off though!
my first set of songs have been reuploaded to streaming services. I just started the process of the 2nd set. This is a song I'm highlighting first off that as I wrote it at the school. I was doing the caged system lessons, and I built the melody off that. Although the chords are G and A and the melody is based off the C major system I think it sounds ok. I debatted changing the chords but I figured it already fits together why mess with it. This is one of my favourite songs I wrote due to how smooth it came together. A lot of melody in this song.