I've been practicing this one song in the last 4 weeks ... Fuqn beast... The next song will be easier...
In dying days beginning
The three techniques I should improve are Legato (As usual), Squeals (There were supposed to be a few in it), and 16th note alternate picking on the lower string. Maybe there's more to improve?
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It's here, the whole reason it's this long is the chords that go under the final solo 0:00 demonstration 0:25 intro 4:20 verse 8:00 chorus 11:40 first solo 16:00 second solo
my attempt of one of my favorites solos, again from Chile ;) All rights reserved to Avenged Sevenfold and Mesa Recording Studio
I was challenged to learn the one forever ago by @[44223:@Rute Rodrigues] and finally learned part of it. There are some mistakes overall it's decent enough I think 😅
call me the breeze solo
I did this to warm up for the riff challenge and it sounded good so i recorded it! Haha hope you guys like it
This is my first recording using an audio interface and a DAW. I found it kind of challenging at first. But it is such a fun way to play/record. If anyone has questions I'll gladly share the knowledge I've gained so far.
It's not really over a backingtrack or anything, it's more like noodling. This also happens to be the way I initiate songwriting ideas.
The stage solo
Pretty happy with this came out, much better than my very first attempt on this site!
Analysis of the harmony of Slow cheetah There isn't that much to this song harmony wise so There are no timestamps. This song becomes interesting when you link the chord to what you and realize there's a lot of cleverness going on.
A rough phone recording of me having a (mostly) Lydian shred to take my mind off of this lockdown - I decided to leave my slip ups and mistakes in too. Enjoy :D !
since me and ryan didnt jam, i decided to play out the songs myself. i would have added the song in the background but it took long enough uploading this lol set list will be posted later