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A lot of you have been discussing Scream‘s picking pattern. Here‘s the solo 20% faster, just because... why not :D I start on an upstroke which results in outside picking. That way it‘s easier to do pickslanting (imo). Aaand: Always accentuate the first note of the pattern!! This is key! Your mind can‘t process every note at high speeds. Instagram: simoneichingerx
I had a nice bend, forgot to at it, thought about it again towards the end. Some wrong notes.
Almost done with brompton cocktail
Iv'e been at this song for quite some time and i took a long break from it but then i came back to it and i'm happy with the way it's going so far it's also my favorite song from their self-titled album after this i gotta work on the next part which will take some time for me to get down but im determined😉
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I realized that it’s been 3 years now since I started learning. I wouldn’t figure out back then that I would ever be able to be doing this. Still a noob and lots to be learned, but hopefully practice will make me better.
Fallen angels intro and verse
Lately iv'e been trying to learn other things that aren't a7x related and recently ive been listening to alot of black veil brides i don't know i guess i'm just hooked on them and now i'm debating whether i want to learn fallen angels, the legacy, or rebel love song first.
It's day 6? I did like 50 million takes, I wanted to try and piece together something nice. I need to learn to write this stuff down. I had lot's of ideas and they kept changing/evolving, forgot a lot of bends and stuff I had. I didn't pay attention to my picking hand, during this. I spent like 2 hours total on the lesson itself and working on this improve. Was feeling a bit under pressure or something. Still a good day for music nonetheless.
I know the names of the chords now. Thanks to Jak I was able to figure the main ones out. Tomorrow I'm going to write some more of the notes down. Maybe even try and make a more guitar driven version. I think it's nice song, haven't listened to the words much just the melodies. Tomorrow I'll do it again so I practice naming stuff and make tabs or something. It's sloppy, my strap was all the way down. Almost forgot the chords are: C-G#-A-E. There's maybe another one or more
Did like 5 or 6 improvisations and record the last 3. It kept getting worse so I thought to just move on. I chose this last recording cause I thought it was a bit more showing of me trying to apply what I just learned. Haven't heard it yet , but there were some out of key notes or misplaced. I tried to redo it during my playing, but was a bit slow. Had way cooler ideas before I spent like an hour or one and a half on the C major scale lesson plus some time on the lesson 22. It was good because I was able to use both scales/patterns on the jam track.
A little bit more shredding than usual. Also, I changed my strings yesterday and it kept going out of tune very badly for most of the takes so I kept redoing until it somewhat stayed in tune enough #cheatercompleter
Chords move fast in these backingtrack so i did something I don't like to do usually and that's just mindlessly shred for a bit.
Didn't realize it ended so fast, pretty weak ending. I was gong to redo it, but it's cool, tomorrow is another day. Sure is fun having something to stick to. Had a lot of cool things while practicing/warming up before recording this. Didn't record it though :'( Oh ya, I tried to add some other techniques into the solo like palm mutes.
As is probably pretty clear I lost track of where the hell I was in the second half. Also, every chord lasts 1 bar longer than Instinctly expect it to be so it's a bit of a pain to improvise over but well that's what practice is for. Now it's off to the gym to throw some weights at people out of frustration 🤪
I wanted to share this with you because I‘ve incorporated a lot of Synyster-esque economy picking ideas into this! :)
A lot of furious economy picking in this one! :) The first pattern is a great pickslanting and string skipping exercise too. Instagram: simoneichingerx
New day and a bigger challenge - This was in no way a one take wonder! I just kept over judging what I was doing in previous takes and trying again. I tried to stop myself from mindless noodling in the later half by using a Bubble trem effect on my guitar, enjoy!
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