Fade to Black Intro by Metallica
Tell me what you think about my editing skills. It’s the first time I ever try changing the camera angles!😄
Here's the burn it down harmony analysis. I'll make a tutorial for the intro later today
🗣Turn your volume down !!!!! This is a piece of a practice video (as always, and I like it loud lol) Anyways, I’ve been working on getting the muted power chord changes sounding better, I hated the awful screech I would get when I would just slide to the next power chord so I’ve really been focusing on trying to pick up my hand instead of just lazily sliding it. Not sure if this is a good technique as I couldn’t find the exact answer to this problem anywhere. But I was excited it sounded better with less screeching during my movements on the muted portion.
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S.A.T.O solo by Randy Rhoads
Jammed to this song this morning and forgot how fun it was to play! Been working on alternate picking as well as my legato which are both crucial to play a solo by Randy Rhoads! Dont worry @[11:@Brian Haner Sr.] my angels cover is coming😂
My lessons of help so much with figuring out songs! I hope you enjoy this! I have wanted to learn this song for years!
English will follow... Voici un autre aperçu pour vous mes amis. Le projet avance très bien. Bientôt j'entame la partie vocale. Si ce n'est pas déjà fait, ab...
Second Solo of Victim by Avenged Sevenfold. Tell me what you guys think! This is better quality than my last post, which is now deleted.
As I said I wanted to show my progress. It’s been two days since my last post and this is where I am now. The bend is better I think, and I also changed around the way I finger certain things to be able to get to the notes in the correct timing. Also worked on the tone. I really like this sound and tone now for this particular solo.
This is probably one of the hardest things I've attempted. Not because it's technically hard but playing it from memory and remembering all the notes is difficult. It isn't perfect but neither where any of my other takes(I always messed up in different spots)
So I did another loop cover! This time a song from one of my favourite bands, Foals. I feel like my solo improv would sound better with a couple fast runs here and there, need to build up speed with my scales 😂 Also been trying to play more intervallic lately instead of just up and down scales, not sure if I’m succeeding 😂
We worked really hard on this song and I'm proud that I learned it without even listening to the song! Holly helped figure out a chord as well and we had fun utilizing my interval training to figure out the harmonies. Hope you enjoy it!
My band did a cover of 'The Middle' by Jimmy Eat World - enjoy! (My singer's Dad makes a special appearance and takes full credit for my solo! haha)
My rough attempt at Dave Murray’s (the first solo in the song) solo to Iron Maiden’s “The Number of the Beast.” I’ve spent hours on this and still have many ...
Just a jam with some cool parts and changes. Enjoy!