Syn Etudes Sweep Picking II example 3
Christopher Chavez shared a post on Instagram: “I hope everyone is having a good day. Here is a video of me practicing” • Follow their account to see 272 posts.
RΦβ!Π’s Instagram post: “Guitar cover- Heart shaped box (Nirvana) . . . .
- RΦβ!Π (@[63736:@nsrobin9]) on Instagram: “Guitar cover- Heart shaped box (Nirvana) . . . . #acousticguitar #solo #guitar #cover…”
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Nagendra Jeet Singh on Instagram: “Guitar cover- Crazy little thing called love (Queen)
Nagendra Jeet Singh (@[63736:@nsrobin9]) on Instagram: “Guitar cover- Crazy little thing called love (Queen) #queen #crazylittlethingcalledlove #guitar…”
Stairway To Heaven intro + solo
I try to combine the harmony/songwriting lesson polls with the metal minutes I want to do so here is me playing the intro+solo of Stairway To Heaven
Here's the analysis of the harmony in one of my favourite songs of all time: Stairway To Heaven You can vote for the one You want me to do next week here https://syngates.com/threads/songwriting-harmony-poll-f.4315/
American Idiot full play through
Love playing along to GreenDay! What do you guys think about my playing, any improvements I could make?
Here is where i am at so far with the riff challenge @[3987:@Dominik Graeber] gave me! Im not super excited about this take but it is a work in progress! I stumbled pretty bad with the natural harmonics in the intro and transitioning into the verse. But aside from that let me know what you think. And please don't hesitate to comment on what needs to be done differently!!
This is the fastest I've ever played (with little to no tension). I started out about 2 hours ago at 60 bpm, focusing on every subtle motion, and playing as efficiently and clean as possible. I slowly moved it up to now (without stopping), at 140 bpm. I tried 150 and 160, but I'm not quite ready for that yet. My wrist does feel kind of tired, but it didn't hurt while playing. I might be overthinking, but Papa Gates said that you should be able to play at high speeds for a long time without feeling tired. So am I playing wrong, or is it natural to feel fatigue after 2 hours of playing? 😅😂 If there is anything wrong with my technique, please let me know. I really don't want any bad habits. Thank you so much for watching!
This is "Guitar cover- The World Is Yours (Arch Enemy)" by nagendra jeet singh on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
Second Heartbeat drum and guitar cover!
Sorry for the cringy bitmoji cover lmao I had to use it though. I collaborated with my good friend Clifford Dobson. Cliff did all of the video and audio editing for this cover. He is an absolutely kick ass drummer! Unfortunately, he had to move away to Florida but that's not gonna stop us from rockin out! Enjoy and go check out his Insta, he kicks ass!
@[57387:@Jacques] challenged me to learnt his song by the John Mayer trio so my love/hate relationship with free time continues(love to listen to it and hate to play along with it). It's a bit scruffy at times and my way somehow at time completely like muffles out certain notes in the solo but ooh well..
Buried Alive intro!
I looked up the very first part of the intro awhile back then just recently taught myself mostly all of the rest. Haven't quite got a hold of the harmonics at the end but I guess hitting them dead on as notes instead works lol. This one was a bitch to learn but I finally got it in a good place. Enjoy!
something i havent done much of yet, is play with this guitar distortedly... (new word!) so I played with some new reverb in the beginning, the usual plate effect in the rhythm but the lead is the pad effect. sounds very.. royal if that makes sense. but anyways I used my old rhythm tone with this guitar and it sounds pretty mean. Reminds me of the revenger which would make sense as these picks are vintage hummers. This confirms that I could rerecord my older material if I chose to. My sweeps are ok on this guitar as the fretboard is bigger, like the revengers was too. only 22 here tho so I cant go into the last position of gminor on this guitar. I tried to stray away from sweeps til near the end. They are ok I have to slow them down a little like in the beginning again. also started playing around with the song for the collab. Ideas are starting to flow a little with position changes between chords.
First time playing with @ashley willis We wanted to post here and then come back later with a progress video ! I hit a wrong note in the beginning but kept going. We are both excited and I think we did fairly well for our first time playing together ! We are going to practice, practice, practice !