This is "Buried Alive (Avenged Sevenfold)- Guitar Solo Cover." by nagendra jeet singh on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
This is "Guitar cover- Lithium (Nirvana)" by nagendra jeet singh on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
CAN YOU SEE MY FACE NOW!?!?!? i need to shave honestly. Been purposely holding off to weekly shaves to save on having to buy that stuff too lol
I finally got time to do this one which also means I get to do two in one weekend. I also had two beers before filming this so I may go a little bit more into details than I usually do Timestamps: 0:00 demonstration 0:55 intro/chorus 5:45 cadence/key change lesson 8:00 verse 10:30 pre chorus/sub-dominant chord lesson 14:44 outro
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Learned these songs 2 days ago. Well, I played them years ago so I just relearned them very quickly. All SynGates rules were observed. #StandUp #OneTake #NoEdit But I'm planning to do a cinematic version at the weekend (Better EQ, Sitting Down, more camera angles,...) This will be fun! Also I gotta work on some parts... They're not as clean as I want them to be
Challenge; Killswitch engage - Holy diver
Challenge progress video. I can play it at full speed if I warm up, but that's not something I do before filming. I want to do the whole song but I have to practice a lot of the solo. My legato is horrible.
Syn quote that perfectly describes this cover: "She's a sloppy bitch" My all-time favorite Avenged song. I came in on a D5 when it should have been a G5, otherwise I'm pretty happy with this take.
Here's one week of progress on learning the Bat Country solo. She's a sloppy bitch, but I'm still working on it. Haven't learned the end bit of the solo, and the duel solo I have up to 75% speed currently.
Back to work on my sweeps. I took a couple days off jamming to rerecord 3 songs I felt needed work and solos that I actually knew. So I went back and did them. I now know what I'm gonna attempt on all 3 songs. The note selection may not always be the same but the positions are the key things to remember. The little things can be fixed later. My ascending sweeps sound terrible most of this video due to that. Everything else sounds pretty much normal to me. This improv was mainly to get my mind off of the frustrations work is bringing everyday.
1st half of brompton cocktail
Took me a while to get this down somewhat... but im happy with the way it turned out if you catch any mistakes please let me know so i can fix them cause im pretty sure there are mistakes here and there which im still trying to figure out which is why i posted cause im sure a alot of you can figure them out better than me so feel free to criticize🙏
I took some advice from @[49467:@Ben newton] and worked on these things: 1) keeping my picking motion smaller 2) working on crossover picking before applying it to the alt. picking exercises 3) working on not rushing the metronome 4) using a clean tone while practicing If I still need work on any of these things (or you see any other problems) please let me know! Thanks for watching, and helping.
And all things will end progress
Finally got to play my guitar after not having strings anyway this is my progress with and all things will end so far
Nightmare riff and chorus
Love playing to this song and I'm enjoying the tone. Need to work on that sustainiac pickup!
Scream Solo
Here's my shot at the Scream solo. It's not the best but I gave my best shot at it! Hope you enjoy!
The last 20 or so seconds got cut off i have no idea why haha but here’s this incredibly fun song (and hard solo)! Made even harder because i have an ingrown fingernail/hangnail on my fretting hands index finger 😂 enjoy guys and gals! @[1427:@Ed Seith] would love any advice or pointers if you got some!
Long video alert, with a lot of rambling comments! Honestly I was so close to throwing in the towel today with this, it's been a rough day mentally, my chest is killing me, but I really wanted to get this done. Massive thank you to everyone who left me advice and helped me get to this stage! There's a few bits where my timing is off, where I generally screw up notes and just lose it, etc, (it gets a lot better at the end) so this probably needs yet more work, but I think I need to take a break and work on something else before I come back to do the main riff.