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I just watched Lesson 20 and felt like giving improv a try! The backing track is slowed down to like 70% speed, because I'm a little beginner baby when it comes to the Pentatonic scale. But I was freakin' stoked on it, so here's some raw, uncut practice for ya. How am I doin'? Also: LOOK MA, I'M STANDIN' UP LOL
Watch the video in the comments to see where this came from. I didn't get any suggestions so I Googled and this came up first. So I used my knowledge of my g minor positions to play further up the fret board. I play both variations of each arpeggio I learned (ala the relative minors in the same position). The actual video is longer and I am sorry I didn't hit record on the camera for the YouTube version so the fingering of what im playing is only available in the twitch video. I'll make sure this changes. Next week I'm gonna stretch into the actual scales and not just the arpeggios. I'll also need a new progression idea. If you got one let me know.
I decided to keep the video from the first time around, and just edited a part before it. I hope it does the job. If not, its not a big deal to me as well im just here to show my knowledge honestly. Only thing I hate is since the videos were on the phone they are now condensed and annoying looking lol. That can be fixed as I have the originals if needed.
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I’ve always prided myself on being raw and real, so here’s a raw take from the practice video of @[347:@ashley willis] and I doing Hail to the king ! Is it great ? Nope. Was it fun ? Fuck yes ! (Me looking like an idiot is a testament to that lol) But the point is to have FUN when you practice. At least Ashely is looking cool lol 😎 We need lots of practice playing together but I can’t wait until we can nail it !'s my submission! I worked with lesson 18 focusing on the power chords introduced by PG ( and threw in something from lesson 20 as well).I worked hard to create something of my own and I'm proud of it! The video is not super long, I'm a little camera shy and also, I usually go straight to the point 😅 Hope you guys like it. I'm really happy to be part of this family 🖤 (Sorry for my poor video making and editing skills, I tried 😂😂😂😂😂😂)
Hello! I'm uploading again my participation for the riff contest, in this video i'm talking about the lessons I used, what i love from the SGS and my aspirations as musician. English is not my first language so I tried my best, hope you can understand me :) . Thank you for watching!
Apologies in advance, I am not the best at speaking on camera. To expand upon my dreams for guitar and music, for now it is probably my primary hobby, I am not sure if I would consider becoming a professional musician outside of playing small gigs and jamming with my friends. I would however like to look into lutherie, as building a guitar to me is one of the finest forms of art other than playing one. Regardless, I am extremely honored to be a part of this community, proud to call myself a Synner, and hope the best for everyone who has either been around for a while or who has just joined. Thank you for checking out my entry!
I made this riff for the contest using the 7 guitar scale positions starting from the first position in A maj and ended up building it up into a chorus after just from being able to confidently know where I want to go to get the music I hear in my head out, which practicing these lessons did helped me do like nothing else before. It only gets more fun after you've gotten this down and start progressing to the next lessons. Outro thing was kinda sloppy didn't plan that when I was making it, I just couldn't stop my hands haha. I just want to inspire others through my music like I was by the ones I look up to. Thank you
Well here is my contest entry. Not much playing and I kind of ramble a lot so I hope it's coherent, but I talk about Lesson 20 and 21 about the pentatonic system and chords relating to it. This subject was the first one where I had a 'mindblown'-experience once I understood how it worked and how it all fits together with the CAGED system. Also I talk a bit about how I got into guitar initially, how I got back into it and what I want to do with it. I hope you enjoy :) (also to those wondering why I keep looking to the side: I made some notes to make sure I didn't forget anything :P)
I didn't talk about the lessons I used in my previous entries so this is my contest entry(for realizes this time). It kinda became the great Ids ramble show but you know sometimes you just have to ramble on 😅
Hello, some of you may of already seen this, but I forgot to include my guitar aspirations at the end! If you already saw my other entry then 1) thank you! and 2) if you want to see the last bit its about 4mins 30seconds in Been awesome seeing so many different entries, testament to how much variety in lessons there is here!
Okay, so my talking is super awkward and I'm terrible in getting to the point, haha. So I just watched the lessons 101 and 102 yesterday, about the harmonic minor scale and the phrygian dominant scale (the 5th mode of harmonic minor), and I knew I wanted to make my contest entry about this! The phrygian dominant scale is just the normal phrygian scale BUT with a major 3rd!!! You can actually play it over major chords :o, and it will sound awesome even though it is a super dark and mystical and also somehow exotic sounding scale. No wonder it is used a ton in metal. So PG explains that it plays wonderfully over a chord change of two major chords just seperated a minor 2nd (aka half step) from each other, and thats what the backing track of this lesson provides. So I tried playing around a bit over that track, and while my improv does sound a lot like scale runs... hey I've only known this scale for a day, I'm sure there are a lot more interesting melodies hiding in there. ^^
So this is my entry for the contest. In my submission I go over what I learned from the caged system lesson 23. The caged system is all new to me so i thought I’d show what I learned. The reason I have the video in 2 parts is cuz I struggled to remember what I was gonna say for my music dreams and why I love the school lol so I took a day to think of what to say haha I get nervous on camera haha and it’s my first video of me talking and explaining stuff so it was scary lol (Also the first clip has crappy lighting cuz in the second clip it was all natural light, I had my curtains open and for the first clip I did it at night so I had to use my room lights )
I was not going to submit to this contest until I realized how much it is parallel to what I've started doing with the beato book I recently purchased it. Since the two are related I have added the video here as a submission. Its longer then planned.. but I do all 7 chords. You don't have to follow them all. It starts off sluggish with the open notes on bflat but it gets better. Next week I plan to make a simple chord progression using the chords. If you want to suggest a progression for me to play over that'll be helpful. I could pick it myself.. but its more challenging if you pick it for me. I'll do the video of finding the scales I need with the chords from the progression. Then ill record it and solo over it and add that too. Thats basically my plans going forward. But for now.. you can watch me play the chords in the family. Big tip.. I am a FULL STEP down. Pg teaches you these same chords in c major standard tuning. (I'm step down g minor/bflat major)
Hey guys! So for this lesson I utilized Papa's breakdown of the C Major scale into the C Major Pentatonic scale to come up with the G Major Pentatonic scale. I also utilized Syn's tip of using the metronome to practice with alternate picking. There are a few tidbits of other lessons in there such as how to get the notes for the chords and the pattern for the major scale, but I was focused on Lesson 20: Overview of the Pentatonic Scale. Hope you enjoy! And pssttt! TW: I'm sorry for the crying..
So, I redid it and added me talking about the school and my goals in music I wrote a blues song for the contest so I relied heavily on PGs masterclass for this. I used lessons 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 for the solo and lessons 7 and 9 for the chords underneath. Lesson two is mostly clear from the use of motifs, 3 and 4 are more on the landing tones and color tones. For example I land in the third quite a lot and combine minor and major thirds over the I chord. The scale I based most of this on is the B minor pentatonic scale with some added notes making it more resemblant of the Dorian mode/voodoo scale over the IV chord. The chords used are B7/E7 and F#7 and when I start strumming I use a G7 in between the F#7 and the E7 making it a color chord.
Sorry I'm very awkward talking to the camera haha! For my entry I have taken the teaching from the seven major scale positions and played them in one place on the neck which has helped me learn the shapes and differences better and how to apply them. The backing track is there to show the way they sound over each scales major root tones. For the sixth position halfway through the backing track switches to the relative minor over the same notes just to show the power of relative minor. I touch on it at the end of the video, but my favourite thing about the school is the way there are always people working on their own skills and sharing progress. Seeing people at all skill levels really makes me feel like I can keep pushing to reach the next level in my own playing, and I have gained a lot of confidence thanks to the staff (especially the Instagram) and the word of encouragement I see shared among fellow students. It’s just a lovely community of people learning. Any questions lmk!
Didn't originally plan on uploading this as I started recording stuff this morning just to document my own progress. However, I figured it'd probably help my motivation to put it out there and want to improve on it later! Apologies in advance for my background, rambling, etc. So here we go, me learning the absolute basics, which @[5:@Jak Angelescu] encouraged me to do after one of my vids on Instagram! My next goal is to revisit my Kakariko Village cover thing on my Instagram and learn all of the notes the chords use, so I can gain a better understanding of what I'm doing! I'll also most likely be going back to the CAGED system stuff with this as well! Hopefully this will give me enough to do when I take small breaks from trying to sweep!
Ik i'm kinda awkward you can skip to 1:59 if you just want the riff & thank you to the people that make these contests happen you rock. I did forget to mention in this though that I practiced those 7 guitar scale positions non stop like a crazy person to the point I can play them fast, slow, eyes close, and any key lol basically just saying to put in the time with these videos guys and practice them till you got it, it's worth it and I promise you'll get better.