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Black magic woman improv
I did an improv over black magic woman
Megadeth: Ashes in Your Mouth - Guitar Cover
I liked learning this one enough that I'm going to consider this a rough draft. In the coming days I'll clean it up another 10% and put some production on it through ProTools
Game of Thrones Theme Metal Cover
Hey guys! I made this metal arrangement over the Game of Thrones theme song. I'd really like to hear some feedback on it, good or bad I'd appreciate it.
Acid Rain - Analysis
My analysis of The Harmony in Acid Rain(and a little bit of Kazoo). If anything is unclear(or if I messed up somewhere) feel free to ask!
Gphydom then some gminor arpeggios. Trying to pick up speed.. I find the slower I play the more I'm tempted to pluck rather then sweep. I actually push the speed limits a few times near the end. They are getting better.
Work in progress
“I see fire” Trying something completely out of my element. It’s a work in progress. I’ve literally never played with clean tones and I suck at hammer on’s and pull offs but this song is def giving me some practice.
Etude improv
I've been working on alternate picking I , economy picking I and legato I so I did an improv using all those. They are all scales do so I didn't always follow them exactly or finish them entirely. I think I cut of the legato like half way and do something else instead.
My Entry for a French Contest (United Guitars Contest)
Just like the title says, I composed this solo on the backing track given by the contest organizers. Hope you'll like it!
Can you guess this A7x solo? 🙄
9 Likes, 5 Comments - M. (@sicko.moe) on Instagram: “Can you guess the solo?🧐 Backing track by @martinronningyt . . . . . . . . @avengedsevenfold…”
Avenged Sevenfold - Buried Alive | Guitar/Vocal Cover with my italian friend.
Hey guys! here's a cover i did with my friend, i hope y'all like it. All feedback will be appreciated 🤘
Hallowed Be Thy Name analysis
This week I looked at the chord progressions in Hallowed be Thy Name. I mostly explain where the plagal and perfect cadences are. This is the first one so I'm a bit new to this. Feedback, suggestions and requests are welcome!
Pantera: Domination Cover
Rhythm Guitar part for Domination.
stuck to arpeggios and penatonic for most part. sliped in some bm6 at times near the end.
Metallica Enter Sandman solo practice.
Decided to upload a not-so-perfect video. Every guitar player spends hours practicing and messing up until he/she gets it right. This is that process. Metall...
G phydom and bminor6 arpeggios with gminor runs in between. Good times here. This is where I'm gonna hang for now and learn some of these new tricks to add into gminor.
Afterlife - Avenged Sevenfold (guitar cover)
All rights to this song go to avenged sevenfold and any and all of their promoters sponsors and label companies. This just a guitar cover
So far away interlude (memorial)
Here's a little memorial video I made on 28th Dec for Jimmy :')
Revisiting my g minor arpeggios. This one kind of feels like it drags it's kinda eh to me but watching it the 1st time through felt better then when I played it. Gonna start leading away from the blues jams since I've basically hit all the theory lessons I can. Learned a LOT in the blues.