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Since I have been taking a break from my private lessons, has been using the time to really hone in on what I've learned. I re visited the C major scale in the concept he wanted me to get really well under my belt: the concept of key changes :)
Final day of the challenge, intro and verse/chorus, threw in the bridge section for good measure. A few little mistakes here and there but overall I am happy with the progress given the time frame. Will be one I will continue to work on.
I think the scale is the same or similar to the one on Seize the Day. Learned the 1st four bars on the sweep picking etude, forgot to use a pick when i recorded it. That's a crazy stretch, I was surprised I could do it and standing up too. Normally my fret hand fingers rest together, after I did the Etude bars my fingers collapsed a fret apart each. Kind of scary to me, hopefully I can still be able to play power chords. It's late again so the volumes low, this is what I worked on before I slept and after I woke. Did some camera effects too.
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I have put myself in guitar school all over again! Instead of feeling pressured to get solos completely perfect, I am giving myself assignments for certain things and my assignment for this week was to get the rhythm of the song up to speed and played standing up as if I was in a performance. Next week I will start really nailing on the solo! I already know it but I can't play it up to speed yet very well. I dedicate this video to @[4668:@Alicia Willis] who inspired me to have fun and let go and goof off if I want to be myself. I also dedicate this to @[59877:@Kat the metalhead] who doesn't ever give a shit what people think about how she looks or how she plays. She rocks hard on the camera and she is always true to herself. Something that I have forgotten about over the last few years.
Soo, it's been a week with me taking a shot at this riff (as challenged by @[4668:@Alicia Willis] :D). I've been in New Delhi from the past 4 days but I brought my guitar along. It's been inconsistent practicing, but I'm happy how this is going. A few more hours into it and it should be smooth haha
So I decided since this is syns school I should play some avenged sevenfold and I know that’s what everyone wants lol I’ve been playing bat country for about 4 years now and decided its time to share! This song means the world to me! It’s the one song all my guitar teachers told me I would never be able to play no matter how hard I tried! But I proved them wrong by learning it myself and damn they were shocked! I would stand and play but no straps I have will stay on this guitar lol I can’t even count how many times I almost dropped it cuz the strap fell off haha
I got a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 for my Birthday and I've been messing around with recording big vocal harmonies & harmonized Guitar parts. Here's the results of me messing around for a while with it! (Best enjoyed through headphones)
Had to get this done before Christmas was over with since I’ve been practicing for a while. Very imperfect version of Carol of the Bells, finger style acoustic. A lot of barring and finger movement in this and I’m not feeling 100% either, but here ya go. Merry Christmas.
So here’s the full cover of take this life!! I finished up the song about 2 days ago but didn’t have time to make a vid and post it lol enjoy!!
I'm still working on Jason Becker's solo in the intro of Jewel. I have most of it somewhat down at the moment but especially the diminished lick at the end needs some work still but I'll do that in the next couple of days. I also pressed record a little too soon so you get to look at my pretty little ass for a little bit 🤪🤪
I figured I would dive in on Alicia's 1 week challenge, I chose this song partly because it's one of my favourites off The Blackening and was great fun in Rock Band (in all it's plastic glory), but primarily due to it being alternate picked with some string skipping (stuff that I would tend to down pick). Currently, it's as rough as hessian undies, but that's kinda the point of day 1. Hopefully I haven't bitten off more than I can chew!
Have been feeling really down and unmotivated, so I decided to learn a new song! I just started listening to in flames a few months ago and this is the song that got me into them! Enjoy!! Also I will most likely post a full cover once I’m done fully learning it
Alright so about f*cking time my semester ended xD It's like 10am here, I'll finally go to bed, but I really wanted to get this one week challenge started that I promised @[4668:@Alicia Willis] that I'll take part in. So here's day 1 of learning Dear God's main riff! I just tried to get in the chords real quick and hopefully, the notes are alright. See you in a week.
I wanted to out it on instagram but than me overbending the half step bend made me cry a little inside(just kidding I was sobbing in a corner actually 🤪). Effectively for the one week challenge I figured I could finally dive into some of the neo-classical stuff I love but never play and Marty Frietman and Jason Becker in particular. For this week I decided to do Jason Becker's solo at the beginning of Jewel by Marty Friedman.