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Repost since this was removed with the site update. My first time performing in over a year, and my first attempt at this monster of a song! I was expecting to have at least 30 minutes to warm up for the 2 son...
Repost of old material that was lost in the site upgrade. Very proud of what I achieved, even though I learned the middle of the solo is totally wrong LOL
Here it is, my first original lick - using lesson 52! I know it's not the greatest, it's not shredding and some of it is probably kinda boring, but I'm proud of the progress I've managed to make! Who knew it could be so tough writing a lick over one chord! It's not complete, I improvised the ending because I'd spent all day writing and just kinda burnt out and wanted to jam it already. With that though, I really hope you like it!
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First proper attempt at an improv solo jam thing! I took the advice of writing my own licks and adding sweeps in, but obviously I needed to take a step back to the basics of learning scales and what notes I can use to write my licks first! So, once I learned this scale, I decided to quickly try jamming it out! After several horrible videos, I finally wrapped my head around what notes sound good with each other. It's not perfect, there's still a few dodgy notes here and there, but given this was complete improv, I think it sounded pretty good! Tomorrow, I'm gonna focus on writing a simple lick to play over this track, then I'll move onto the next position! Very excited!!
Learn how to play that cool guitar part in "Higher" that comes after the final chorus. Let me know if this was helpful and what other Avenged Sevenfold tutorials you would like to see.
I never posted day 3 of learning this...oh well...this is my 4th day and I completed it so that was the kinda learning process I normally go through. Some are a lot more difficult than others...this was a pretty easy one tho!


This bends are hella tricky because there are so many 😱 I also kinda bluffed my way through some parts in PGs solo because I lost track a little bit 😅
I know, /another one/. Nice short vid for once. No commentary on this one, so here's my thoughts: I think I've finally got it! When I was playing, it certainly felt smoother. Now, I'm not sure whether I'm nitpicking, not holding the pick right, playing slow initially, or whether I still haven't quite got it, but watching the video back, my hand still looks a little bumpy and not as smooth as I initially thought. My left hand made a fair few mistakes - Watching Ben's video on how Syn sweeps, I picked up on a slight change I needed to make to my pattern, right at the bottom of the sweep, so most mistakes are here where I try and correct that (Downstroke on 5th string instead of upstroke). But I'm happy with my progress overall. Now, I'm gonna go work on some scales!
Who needs to go to the gym for an arm workout when you can play James Hetfield riffs? Great downpicking exercise.
Another long vid. Here, I try and sort out my sweeping motions. My commentary isn't exactly the greatest, and looking over the vid, I'm actually kinda doubting whether I got it down and if I'm being too critical of myself. I attempted to take what I learned from the first sweep picking lesson, but I really think I need to keep working to get it right. I'm not happy with my pick placement, and I'm not actually sure if I'm tilting right and getting that fluid motion. It felt more compared to previously? Honestly, I don't know. Any comments, suggestions, ideas, etc are appreciated, because I'm unsure.
coming home

coming home

This is the one song that i really want to get down but im debating if i wanna take a shot at learning it all the way through this early on because i know the solo is pretty challenging but i feel determined in plus its my favorite song from httk
Check this out! Im on drums on this EP. Missing playing shows, help us out during these times and listen and share!
I found that when i was barring and rolling to play multiple notes on different string but same fret the notes werent clear or played together. So, using the lessons on sweeping I developed this new kinda way i'm quite liking. Hope it helps!
Took a short video with my phone while practicing... :) Sorry for the crappy quality and frame rate.
So, wasn't planning on posting this today (Or at all, tbh). Originally wanted to do more work on NRtD and cover some sweeping lessons, but had to prioritise this for college.. Just a rough practice attempt at "The Drug In Me Is You", using bar chords. It's not entirely correct in terms of exact chord placements or rhythms, I did simplify it a little. Still though, a good exercise for getting used to bars and stretching my hand (More painful than I imagined though, RIP hand). There are lots of mistakes and my phone vibrating at the start, which isn't ideal, but I liked the sound I got and it wasn't overly terrible, so here it is!
Me and Bill have been talking arps, and he introduced me to a bunch of different shapes and the notes in the etc etc, and he said they're great to sweep. So, I'm practising sweeping using one of syns etudes (forgot which one tho!) I'm aiming to get this as clean and well timed as possible, so practising it real slow!