Exist clean part by Avenged Sevenfold
@sicko.moe Attempting Exist clean part. Not sure what Syn is doing exactly but I guess I’m in key so🤷🏼‍♂️
Rest stroke picking practice
I have been playing gypsy jazz for a while now but only really.cared about scales, chords and Arpeggios used and never about the picking technique so somewhat as a new years resolution I figured I'd start working on rest stroke picking (gypsy picking). It feels a little bit like I'm a beginner again
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this is a redo of the rhythm video I did yesterday with some lead over top. No reverb at all in this one. You can hear every slip in some of my sweeps, as I tried doing some major sweeps instead of minor sweeps like it should be over the A chord. Later in the video they got a lot better.


Beginner warning ! lol I’m still learning theory, various picking/strumming techniques. This is an original ? (Idk what to call it) This year has been crap. I had this little melody in my head and tried my best to translate it into guitar with my limited skill and knowledge.


a remake of jazz 2 rhythmly. the lead is basically all arpeggios of the 3 chords I play. including a little bit of b flat. I also have to note last video I did the pick up was on bridge for some reason so this one sounds better too just by flicking the switch,
Gravity inprov
I was gonna explain what I'm doing but I kinda forgot exactly what it was. It's moslty G major pentatonic with the occasional detour to Gminor
Blues Lick Improv/Practice
Just trying out a lick and playing around it. It's messy because the original lick is in 12/8 and I never do this. I played the starting notes too early, but didn't want to rerecord it. Uploading it because why not? Backingtrack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRrh2USqSyo
Untitled song
I wrote a short piece of music today, I'm gonna add a melody later. I also noticed that when I do bar chords in the E shape the g strings falls right in between two knuckles so it doesn't really get pressed that nicely and my pinky sometimes mutes the high E string in the c shape. Tell me what you t


This is ok. I'll be redoing it again tonight I think. It ended it short because doing the ending #9s and 13ths my pinky was getting a workout and a half. But I really like the sound of those chords together. And they are essentially the same chord so you dont HAVE to change scales.
Canon in D sweeps!
Great exercise that gets you moving all over the fretboard! Tabs on my instagram page!
Gypsy jazz lick practice 2
Another lick you can use over a dominant 7 chord


To honor The Rev I played Afterlife
Nightmare solo
Trying to figure out Nightmare solo tabs in the middle of the night <3
Fiction - Avenged Sevenfold Guitar Cover
Dedicated to the Rev.
SGS - Alternate Picking I, 70 - 75 Bpm
Practicing Syns Etudes: Alternate Picking 1. Today I felt motivated again to put on the metronome. I worked my way from 60 up to 75 Bpm.
Man in the Box Solo attempt
As the title says, my take on this solo
christmas shred. Taking a break from blues today. However I did slip in a couple m6 runs in there.
Beast And The Harlot Chorus, Key change and Outro (Finally xD)
I'm not really good at speeding licks up in a small amount of time. When I was finally up to speed, it sounded just about 'Okay' and I really wanted to go for the best I could. So here's my attempt after hours of perfecting it and fuckin' around with my amp to get this tone without any pedals xD
blues.. getting more used to the minor6 arpeggios. Try to slide up to e a few times. And I forgot to add diminished chords but honestly I'm more focused on the arpeggios. I absolutely love them already.
Christmas Eve improv
Learning to navigate the new site. Works been busy, but I keep plugging away at this