I was thinking about doing improvisation on Friday's to see how much I improve. Feedback would be great!
I did my own version of the "Tapping V' lesson that Syn did. The Chords are Dm - Abm - F - Bbm - Am - Dm - Bbm - Gm - C -Dbm - D.
Sum 41 The Hell Song Guitar Cover Enjoy never perfect I am only Alien, Played on ESP LTD KH-WZ through MXR, Boss Effects, Mesa Boogie Mark 5, and a Marshall JVM 410H all through a Zoom Q4 Like Always...Hate Welcomed!
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This is really easy and a lot of fun if you can find the right place to use it! Good luck everyone! Syn, Papa Gates, what do you think?
I made this video a few years ago, as you can see I have problems with time, I hope with this great school to get better and get rid of that problem
My cover of Prison Bound by Social Distortion. I love the solo on this one. It's simple but it's just what the song needed. What do you think?
Hi! I haven´t uploaded on youtube my riffs yet. meanwhile I have this solo 🙂
Here's my guitar solo cover from Sevenfold's 'Scream', I know all the notes may not be right, but I'm somewhat proud nailing the picking pattern and getting it to sound this good recorded.
Ghost Ritual Guitar Cover from the album Opus Eponymous. Enjoy! Never perfect I am only Alien. Played on an USA Gibson SG all recorded with a Zoom Q4. Like Always...Hate Welcomed!
Recorded an entire instrumental version of this song with programmed drums to see how i got on!