Paradise – Synyster Gates Guitar Cover

Gabriel Corso

Paradise – Synyster Gates Guitar Cover

Hello Everyone!
How are you doing?

I did my best on trying to cover Syn’s Paradise with my own equipment at my (See more) place.
I really like the textures and feeling of this song.

Bear in mind that I have very little knowledge about recording, so it is not thaaat great. But I think you can recognize the song at least haha.

I have been listening to this song for 2 weeks in order to try to replicate the drums and bass patterns on my midi keyboard.
So everything on this track it is made by me.

The thing that i had the most difficulty was the fuzzy sound. I do not know if Syn uses fractal to record his own songs, or used pedals.
I once read an article saying that he had a Big muff pi on his pedalboard, but i do not know if this is accurate.

I used:

– Synyster custom (2010 model)
– Fender Telecaster Standard 2013 american
– EHX Big Muff Pi, MXR Carbon Copy, Maxon OD808, MXR Phase 90.
– Scarlett Focusrite
– Logic Pro

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