Riffs I wrote using a scale I “created”

Filip Tomiša

Riffs I wrote using a scale I “created”

Two riffs I wrote using a scale I "created". I think they sound cool and somewhat different but I would (See more) like to know what you guys think about them. If they sound bad to you feel free to leave that in the comments, I won't get mad :). I just wanna know what you think. ALSO, don't get distracted by my bright yellow shirt. I hope your eyes won't hurt after watching this!

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Korey Jaime
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Korey Jaime Sounds like it would be a really cool intro and then lead into a heavy verse.
Filip Tomiša
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Filip Tomiša Thanks! Maybe something like this? 😀 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jy2MLw_JMJk

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