Synyster Gates Cab Pack Demo!

Hector Trejo

Synyster Gates Cab Pack Demo!

In this video, I demonstrate some of the Fractal cab packs available on Syn's website:

I demo these tones with (See more) the songs:

Buried Alive
Hail to the King
The Stage

Keep in mind, what is sold in the store is solely the miced cab emulation. It is up to the user to decide which amp resembles the actual amp. (Ex: Hellwin isn't an amp option, but the one that represents it best is the 5153 100W red channel) so the 5153 + Hellwin cab = Syn's tone. Then the user has to adjust the parameters to what suits the ear best. Its a work in progress and I will keep perfecting these tones over time.

Special thanks to Ed Seith for all of the tips and help! Give him a follow on Instagram and on the Syn School!

And to A7XEntertainment for providing the guitarless tracks to these songs!

Enjoy! Like, Comment, and Subscribe for more videos!

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